WebRTC: Real-time Communication for Everyone! - Web Unleashed 2014

WebRTC: Real-time Communication for Everyone! - Web Unleashed 2014

WebRTC is a powerful open-source project that seamlessly enables real-time communication (RTC), baked right into modern web browsers. This means that web developers can now incorporate video, voice and data sharing using peer-to-peer connectivity via JavaScript APIs, with no plugins or additional installs required.

In this session, Lisa Larson-Kelley introduces the fundamentals of WebRTC, explaining its elements and capabilities in easy-to-understand terms, and demonstrates a simple ‘hello world’ application using the WebRTC API and open source libraries. With over 10 years of experience building real-time communication apps using Flash Media Server, Lisa brings her perspective and enthusiasm for RTC to this rapidly emerging open source technology that is poised to revolutionize how we communicate on the web.

Presented at Web Unleashed 2014 in Toronto.


Lisa Larson-Kelley

September 17, 2014