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10 Years Later

10 Years Later

Back in a day I used to think that 10 years of experience is a lot. Today it feels like just a number. I’ll talk about how my perspective on writing code, working in teams, talking to users, etc. has changed over time. If you’re still at the start of your career that may be my advice for you, if you’re in the 10+ club let’s compare the notes.

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  1. 10+

  2. Framework wars Struts vs Tapestry vs Stripes vs Wicket Django

    vs Pylons vs TurboGears Rails vs Camping vs Merb vs Ramaze Prototype vs Dojo vs jQuery
  3. 10 years later we still have framework wars Rails vs

    Hanami vs dry-rb React won … but Vue, Svetle
  4. All paper books I could find All Turbo Pascal Docs

    All Delphy Docs Borland jBuilder + JDK + J2EE Mandrake man pages and Books (Picaxe 1st ed)
  5. Just for Fun The Cathedral and the Bazaar Burroughs B5000

    Oral History The Mythical Man Month
  6. Dojo Extjs YUI GCL GWT Air RIA Backbone Spine Batman

    SproutCore Cappuccino Angular Knockout Canjs jQuery UI & Mobile Titanium RubyMotion Xamarin
  7. The older the tech that is still in use the

    more likely it will be used 50 years from now
  8. I make fewer bugs I use more tools to catch

    bugs earlier I can predict bugs I can predict features My code is ugly yet extendible
  9. MVP

  10. 20+