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Word and Document Embeddings

Word and Document Embeddings


Leland McInnes

April 12, 2021


  1. Low Dimensional Embeddings of Words and Documents And how they

    might apply to Single-Cell Data
  2. Motivation

  3. NLP has seen huge advances recently

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  6. How far can we get with simple methods?

  7. Embeddings

  8. The new NLP methods are based around various “embeddings”. But

    what are embeddings?
  9. A mathematical representation (often vectors) + A way to measure

    distance between representations
  10. A lot of focus falls on the first part But

    distances are often critical (as we will see)
  11. Document Embeddings

  12. How do we represent a document mathematically?

  13. The “bag-of-words” approach: Discard order and count how often each

    word occurs
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  21. Just large sparse matrices of counts This looks like a

    lot of other types of data
  22. How should we measure distance? Documents are distributions of words,

    so use a distance between distributions.
  23. Hellinger distance Approximated by cosine distance

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  25. Every domain has its domain specific transformations NLP uses “TF-IDF”

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  27. Distance matters Hellinger Multinomial Independent Columns

  28. But are my columns really independent?

  29. This red rose smells sweet That scarlet flower has a

    lovely scent
  30. Word Embeddings

  31. “You shall know a word by the company it keeps”

    — John Firth
  32. “Can you use it in a sentence?”

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    eiusmod Window radius three Target word Context before Context after Context Matters
  34. Represent a word as the document of all its contexts

    Represent the resulting document as a bag of words
  35. A word is represented by counts of other words that

    occur “nearby”
  36. Basic operations on the resulting matrix, followed by an SVD

    are enough to produce good word vectors
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  38. Optimal Transport

  39. We want to measure distances between distributions

  40. Hellinger? Kullback-Liebler Divergence? Total variation?

  41. Our distributions may not have common support!

  42. Wasserstein-Kantorovich Distance

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  45. “Earth-mover distance”

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  47. Work = Force × Distance Force ∝ Mass Find the

    least work to fill the hole
  48. Find the optimal “transport plan”

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  54. Computationally expensive, but there exist ways to speed it up

    Sinkhorn iterations Linear optimal transport
  55. Joint Word-Document Embeddings

  56. Model a document as a distribution of word vectors Wasserstein

    distance between documents
  57. This red rose smells sweet That scarlet flower has a

    lovely scent
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  59. Excellent results, slow performance

  60. Linear optimal transport: Transform to a euclidean space that approximates

    Wasserstein distance
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  62. Linear optimal transport can produce vectors for other machine learning

    tasks as well
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  64. Conclusions

  65. NLP has made huge progress recently. Many of the techniques

    can be generalized for use in other domains
  66. Similarity or distance in the column space is critical

  67. Locality or co-occurrence is all you need to build column

    space distances
  68. Simple tricks like column space embeddings and linear optimal transport

    can compete with Google’s massive deep neural network techniques
  69. Optional extras

  70. Linear Optimal Transport

  71. Sinkhorn Iterations