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Design for timekeeping

November 07, 2023

Design for timekeeping

A story of hackathons - keeping IT spicy since* 1999
Presentation for Hack the Hackathon v3

* at least


November 07, 2023

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  1. Tick tock the crocodile from Disney's Peter Pan in the

    water of the ocean, alarm clocks are floating in the waves, with an island nearby full of exotic plants and tall trees, mysterious, ancient, high detail, tropical [Generated using Stable Diffusion XL 1024 v1]
  2. 11/07/23 14 Which statement resonates the most for you? 1)

    Most of my time is dedicated to tech projects. 2) I seem to be in a perpetual state of catch-up. 3) Technology is a massive drain on my time. 4) I am tech.
  3. 11/07/23 15 How do you keep track of time at

    hackathons? 1} Standard clock 2} Countdown clock 3} Timers, bells, alarms 4} Time keeps track of itself
  4. 11/07/23 16 What has the highest value as hackathon output?

    1> Buzz (visibility, media coverage, PR) 2> Prototypes (sketches, designs, code) 3> Pitches (concepts, connections, hype) 4> It’s all about ‘the happening’
  5. 11/07/23 17 What raises the most alarms at your event?

    1> “My team-mate is not contributing..” 2> “My team doesn’t let me contribute..” 3> “My pitch was not accepted well..” 4> “My prospects are low..”
  6. 11/07/23 19 “ ” { closing } Technology reveals us

    to ourselves as we always in fact were: networked, distributed, laced with code. -- Tom McCarthy theguardian.com/books/2011/nov/24/tom-mccarthy-desktop