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Brooklyn - Small web tool

Brooklyn - Small web tool

Brooklyn is a small (~300 LOC) rack-based application builder. Was made as proof of concept that fast and small code can still work.

Presented as RubyConf Argentina Lighting talk.

Luis Lavena

December 02, 2013

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  1. Brooklyn, NY Small Ruby web tool github.com/luislavena/brooklyn

  2. Luis Lavena Work: area17.com Twitter: @luislavena GitHub: luislavena

  3. Problem Create minimal service (just JSON) In Ruby Rack compatible

  4. Drama Need for speed (fewer allocs/req) Less Ruby magic No

    backward compatibility Small codebase No code is faster than no code
  5. Goal Understand what is going on

  6. Reference: Rack class HelloWorld def call(env) [ 200, {"Content-Type" =>

    "text/html"}, ["Hello World!"] ] end end run HelloWorld.new
  7. Minimal DSL (Sinatra) require "sinatra/base" class HelloWorld < Sinatra::Base get

    "/" do "Hello World!" end end run HelloWorld
  8. Brooklyn require "brooklyn" class HelloWorld < Brooklyn::App get "/" do

    "Hello World!" end end run HelloWorld.new
  9. Codebase Sinatra: 2035 lines (1738 sloc, 1 file) Brooklyn: 217

    lines (165 sloc, 7 files)
  10. Performance Rack: 7637 req/sec (1.0x) Sinatra: 2712 req/sec (0.35x) Brooklyn:

    5827 req/sec (0.76x) github.com/luislavena/bench-micro
  11. Again Rack-powered (use middlewares) No code is faster than no

    code Less ruby magic Code you can understand (in 10 minutes)
  12. Thanks! github.com/luislavena/brooklyn