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Paper Endures All

Paper Endures All

UX Poland 2013 talk about thinking on a paper, sketching ideas and improving communication with team members and clients (to better sell a design and gather additional insights and requirements). Basic introduction to how to start with sketching and simple drawings.


Łukasz Tyrała

April 19, 2013


  1. PAPER ENDURES ALL @lukasztyrala, UX Team Lead at Pride and

    Glory Interactive talks about sketching and how he cannot draw. Remember to comment on twitter using #uxpl.
  2. Batman Thorgal

  3. None
  4. None
  5. None
  6. None
  7. My Inventory

  8. My Inventory

  9. We are not born with language. — Steven Pinker

  10. Lascaux Cave Drawings Getty Images

  11. None
  12. We need visual support for our language.

  13. Drawing is a science not an art!

  14. Andrew Loomis

  15. Some of the art look like a bad drawing…

  16. Picasso “Guernica”

  17. … and some actually is bad.

  18. Cecilia Giménez “Ecce Homo” restoration

  19. As with some other disciplines Sketching starts with attitude &

    our body.
  20. Grip is Crucial

  21. Everything can be drawn with only few basic shapes.

  22. After A. Frutiger

  23. Few basic rules will get you going.

  24. Horizon & Perspective

  25. Light & Planes

  26. Face takes up only a fraction of A head real

  27. Heads

  28. Common “Mistake”

  29. Start with basic, flat shapes. No shadows, perspective nor borders!

  30. do not buy sketchbook yet! Start with loose sheets.

  31. Go with vector drawing apps like Sketch or inKscape.

  32. Think on a paper – it will allow you to

    make faster iterations & communicate Better.
  33. Ask your clients and collegues to draw!

  34. Clients’ drawing

  35. Client’s Drawing

  36. Best oF aLL: Constrains of a paper show others what

    we do!
  37. Start your next design with Paper!

  38. @Lukasztyrala comment on twitter using #uxpl.