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May 09, 2023



May 09, 2023

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  3. 5 True Color is a 2D animated short about a

    girl, Blue, and her imaginary friend, Mint. It is a story about personal growth, dis- cussing the process of stepping away from the comfort zone, into a new world where everything still shines bright but in a different way. This story is written based on my personal experience grow- ing up as a shy kid, how I overcame my weakness and found out the world is actually not as bad as I imagined. You probably have noticed, the story did not express its main idea straightforwardly. Instead, there is a lot of foreshadowing. The changing of color palette in the animation symbolizes the protag- onist’s view of the world. From vivid to grayscale, and then to “re- al”--my goal is to convey the concept in a more abstract way and let the viewer think through it by their own understanding, and find comfort in it. You could find True Color to be a story about growing up, stepping away from the comfort zone, overcoming anxiety, and even more we could think of that connects to our own life. I believe we all have a “Mint” in our heart, something ideal and dreamy that we fantasize about or depend on. In my opinion, growing up is a process of teaching ourselves and learning from our mistakes, until one day we are strong enough to accept the changes, happily let go of things we used to cherish, and step into a new world with braveness and hope. Artist Statement
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  5. 8 Logline “A story with a concept of moving on,

    about a girl saying goodbye to her imaginary friend and find out the world is beautiful in a different way.”
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  16. 23 I mainly used this chart to communicate with the

    BG artist, as well as taking notes on things I see that might be helpful for the animation. Production--workflow
  17. 27 Kelly Yihan Liu is a Chinese-born story artist who

    enjoys washing dishes for her friends. She also animates in 2D and enjoys making stories inspired by her daily life. Making an indie animation is actually one of my dreams, and it still doesn’t feel real that I made it come true. Every part of the production was truly painful, but thankfully, there were always supporting peers who got my back. I feel so lucky to have such a great team!! I hope the audience found this coming- of-age story relatable and encouraging. I wish my love of animation will lasts as longest as it can, I want to make more stories in the future and never give up working hard! Wooooo!
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