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NextJS with Drupal - DrupalJam Utrecht 2023

NextJS with Drupal - DrupalJam Utrecht 2023

One of the many futures of Drupal may be headless, and there is so much more than just using Drupal to serve React/Next.

Many paradigms can be used, but we should be aware of the traps we may fall into if we dive headlessly.

More information: https://macmladen.com/talks/2023/next-drupal

Mladen Đurić

June 01, 2023

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  1. @MacMladen ]{ Next.js with Drupal v.1 2023-06-01 APOLLO 11: 

    THE MOON LANDING AND 1202 and very brie fl y some musings about 
 what the hack have Next.js to do with Drupal?! 2 Mladen Đurić 
  2. @MacMladen ]{ Next.js with Drupal v.1 2023-06-01 1202: APOLLO GUIDANCE

    COMPUTER HAD CRASHED Armstrong had had his wings clipped over Korea; he’d bounced an airplane off the upper atmosphere; he’d rescued Gemini 8 from a violent zero-gravity spin. Now he was piloting a malfunctioning spacecraft to touch down on an alien world. Just 40 seconds after the computer’s fi nal restart, he slowed the lander’s forward momentum, then rotated the legs toward the surface. As the engine kicked up a blinding cloud of dust, Aldrin read aloud a steady stream of fi gures from the console. With almost no fuel to spare, the lander dropped, in slow motion, to kiss the surface upright, and the particles of moon dust hung suspended in the sunlight until the gentle lunar gravity pulled them back to rest. 4
  3. @MacMladen ]{ Next.js with Drupal v.1 2023-06-01 $ whoami 7

    A very boring, incompetent guy MLADEN ĐURIĆ a.k.a MacMladen
  4. @MacMladen ]{ Next.js with Drupal v.1 2023-06-01 I’ve been in

    IT since the age of mainframes, 8th year of UNIX epoch. 8
  5. @MacMladen ]{ Next.js with Drupal v.1 2023-06-01 11 As soon

    as I started learning to code I was so fascinated and wanted to share what I learned. I was hardly into secondary school when I organised fi rst computer club and gave fi rst BASIC course. It was around 1982. In 2016 I started a Professional Web Development School ]{oder.
  6. @MacMladen ]{ Next.js with Drupal v.1 2023-06-01 NEXT.JS The React

    Framework for the Web Next.js is a framework for building interactive, dynamic, and fast web applications. With Next.js, you can build user interfaces using React components. Then, Next.js provides additional structure, features, and optimizations for your application. Under the hood, Next.js also abstracts and automatically con fi gures tooling for you, like bundling, compiling, and more. This allows you to focus on building your application instead of spending time setting up tooling. 13
  7. @MacMladen ]{ Next.js with Drupal v.1 2023-06-01 INTRODUCE YOURSELF! Your

    role? (Visual, Frontend, Backend, DevOps) Your experience? (One, three, more years) Using some Javascript framework already? (React, Next.js) 14
  8. @MacMladen ]{ Next.js with Drupal v.1 2023-06-01 TIMETABLE: 1. The

    JAM stack ~2 min 2. The Reasoning ~2 min 3. The Drupal ~2 min 4. The Next.js ~2 min 5. The Module ~4 min 6. The Package~4 min 7. The Demo ~2 min 8. The Myths ~1 min 9. The Conclusion ~1 min 10. Q & A 10++ min 15
  9. @MacMladen ]{ Next.js with Drupal v.1 2023-06-01 43 NEVER DO

  10. @MacMladen ]{ Next.js with Drupal v.1 2023-06-01 THE RIGHT TOOL

    FOR THE JOB Never overthink or over-engineer Never pick latest hype — aim for sustainability Never think Drupal — think architecture Keep it simple, enhance only when required Know well JavaScript, React, Next.js or you’ll suffer 55