The Modeless Design Pattern

58c4c8364b85ed0a172ac161ed68db37?s=47 Manabu Ueno
April 18, 2018

The Modeless Design Pattern

Slides from my presentation at "Design Leaders Gathering" held by CookPad on Apr 18, 2018.

"Design Thinking" is the next step from User-Centered Design toward more radical changes in both technology and meaning perspectives. Then what is the next?
"Design Patterns" are the key to make the design meet unknown problems. Then what is the most fundamental pattern for interaction design?
"Modelessness" is the one.
To make designs modeless, designers should know the process of abstraction.
Modeless design is liberating.
A good design is a modeless design by a modeless person/organization through a modeless process.


Manabu Ueno

April 18, 2018