Organization behavior

Organization behavior



May 28, 2020


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    Biological characteristics :- All the human beings have certain characteristics

    which are Generic in nature and are inherited. These are the qualities which the human beings are born with these are the characteristics which cannot be changes. At the most these can be refined to some extent.
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    1. Name - Shashi 2. Age - 30 3. Gender

    - male 4. Religion - indhu 5. Marital status -unmarried 6. Income -20000/-
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    Biological characteristics:- 1. Age :- Age is considered to be

    inherited characteristics because it is determine the date of birth. Younger people are to be more energetic, innovative and also risk takers. But the old people are have Less energetic, less Updated to latest innovative, less job satisfaction as they feeling obsolete compared to their younger colleagues. 2. Gender:- Women’s are also energetic and more innovative and stronger. Women perform Well to their job. The difference between the men and women That is women are highly emotional compared to men, men ready to any take any risk to their job but very few Women are less risk taker
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    Continued..... 3. Tenture or experience:- Job experience is considered to

    be good indivater of employees productivity. Job experience is one of the important factor of an organization., all most all every job get experience employees. Employees have experience in their job definitely they will get good income to their job . 4 . Marital status:- Marriage impose increased responsibilities to employees., so their jobs become more valuable and important . Married employees have little absence to job,also have some family problem but they have more job satisfaction as compared to younger employees, younger are little free from family.
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    What are the challenges face accountants in a company •

    Delivering on the some dead lines in half the time. • Staying on the top of compliance changes. • Technology changes. • Practice growth. • Managing the increasing demands of clients. • Work with your communication skills.
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    About covid 19 pandemic Corona virus is one of most

    dangerous virus this virus is primaries spread between people during close contect. The pandemic has caused global social and economic disruption, including the largest global recession since the great depression it has led to the postponement or cancellation of sporting, religious, political and cultural events. Decreased schools, colleges and universities have been closed over either on anationalwide or local basis in 177 counties.
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    individual behaviour of covid 19 pandemic Everyone are trouble in

    corona virus as well as employees, workers, publics, business man, taxi drivers etc....and students also., especially the migrant labours faced with the situation of spending a few days in temporary shelters , which may be quarantine Centres while trying to reach to their native places, are filled with anxiety and fears spamming from various concern and are in need of psycho- social support.
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    Group behavior Of covid 19 pandemic All over the world

    suffer from the most dangerous corona virus most of the families lost of their lives they will suffer to buy the besic needds, there is a great loss Of crops for the formers and doctor, nurse’s, health services provider ,polices take risk to reduce the corona virus spread .social distance is the very important way to stop the corona virus spreading. So many families are postponement or cancellation of their marriage, religious other events.
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    Indian government facing these immediate challenges:- • Build up medical

    care facilities . • Ensuring that the lockdown is implemented successfully throughout the country. • Creating public awareness . • provide basic needs for poor people etc..
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