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Ambassador by Marilu M.

Ambassador by Marilu M.

Amelia and her friends try to film a spot for the Zoo Amelia lives at unfortunately their ambassador has other plans.

Marilu Molina

June 20, 2022

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  1. Dialog Amelia: and today I want you all to meet

    my friend Ambassador by Marilu M Page 11/69
  2. Dialog Amelia: Peregrine falcons are 1 of the fastest animals

    on earth! Ambassador by Marilu M Page 19/69
  3. Dialog Amelia o.s: Don't roll your eyes at me mister!!

    Ambassador by Marilu M Page 32/69
  4. Dialog Mikey: No problem Amelia, If he doesnt want to

    do it we can get some animal else! Ambassador by Marilu M Page 41/69