Price Aware Architecture

Price Aware Architecture

Turning Technical Debt into Monetary Debt: Price Aware Architecture

How much does your software cost to operate?

Software design and implementation has an uneasy relationship with
cost. As software developers, we often dwell on the cost of building
software, but far less so on the cost to operate. The current
zeitgeist of pay-as-you-go infrastructure makes this particularly
apparent where rigid, hard to deploy and adapt software directly
equates to larger bills. If we want to take control of operational
cost, it is critical that we start to make operational cost a
first-class constraint in the design and architecture of modern

In this talk we will work through the idea of price-aware
architectures, answering: what are the properties of a price-aware
architecture? what happens when we design our systems in a way that
can leverage variable price and availability of infrastructure? and
finally, how do we implement such systems?

The talk was presented at YOW! West, May 2016.


Mark Hibberd

May 04, 2016