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[NordicJS] Best Practices for Reusable UI Components

by Mars Jullian

Published September 7, 2017 in Technology

React is awesome but even good frameworks don’t prevent you from writing bad code. This talk will focus on some key principles for writing reusable UI components that will make them fun to use and keep your co-workers from going crazy.

ReactJS has been adopted by many companies around the world and encouraged Frontend engineers to think about UI's in terms of small components, as opposed to large applications. While we as a community have started writing our UI's in terms of components, we are all still learning about the best way to write those components.

What size should the components be? How much state should each component contain?

This talk puts forth some best practices learned while building a reusable UI component library for an entire engineering team. And while the talk is specific to writing reusable UI components in React, the best practices and ways of thinking about components presented in this talk can be can be applied to components written in other frameworks as well.

Talk recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMFI1HtuFv4&index=10&list=PLGP3VO5jDf8xpaeBAhJOJaEjt1C7sE5Sf