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Continuously Delivering Infrastructure (DevOps Days ZH 2019)

278f4683d7ea5041bfeaadeb9fe029f0?s=47 Matt
May 14, 2019

Continuously Delivering Infrastructure (DevOps Days ZH 2019)

Infrastructure-as-code and cloud platforms enable the definition, configuration and automated provisioning of infrastructure using code. Practices like version control, four-eyes principle, test automation, staging environments, deployment pipelines and investing in observability bring with them the confidence and speed to deliver infrastructure changes into production continuously.



May 14, 2019

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  1. Continuously Delivering Infrastructure Matthias Fritschi @matfsw DevOps Days Zürich 2019

  2. None
  3. None
  4. Cloud as Enabler for Infrastructure-as-Code

  5. Immutable Infrastructure

  6. Fear Cycle

  7. Deployment Process

  8. Pipeline Nirvana

  9. Feedback Loop

  10. Show Some For Your Infrastructure Code Reviews Pair Programming Testing

  11. Infrastructure Code As Immutable Artifact

  12. Library Dependency

  13. Composable Stages

  14. Infra Spec Tests Verifying Provisioned Infrastructure & Services

  15. Functional Tests Verifying Provisioned Infrastructure & Services

  16. Monitoring & Testing In Production Verifying Provisioned Infrastructure & Services

  17. Lessons Learned ⏱ Infrastructure Test Execution Time ➡ Challenge

  18. Lessons Learned Infra Test Effort & Costs Focus Based On

    Risk & Complexity
  19. Lessons Learned Test Automation & Development Process → Frequent Changes

    With Confidence
  20. None