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Managed Technical Debt

Managed Technical Debt

Debt is good. Organizations use it all the time to invest. Technical debt can be good. Are you investing wisely?

Learn more at http://verraes.net/2013/07/managed-technical-debt/


Mathias Verraes

June 27, 2014


  1. Managed Technical Debt @mathiasverraes

  2. Is technical debt is like debt with the bank?

  3. We've always explained this wrong

  4. Technical debt is like debt with the mob 1 Alberto

  5. None
  6. Legacy is a system that is making money

  7. The cost of ownership becomes greater than the value it

  8. Ask your CFO about financial debt

  9. Ask your CTO about technical debt

  10. Companies take out debt all the time

  11. The bad kind is unmanaged debt

  12. Technical debt includes 4 Code 4 Infrastructure 4 Automation 4

    Documentation 4 Knowledge 4 Bus factor 4 ...
  13. Know your debt 4 Interest rate 4 Payment plan 4

    Cost vs value
  14. Manage your debt

  15. None
  16. Make a stickie when you encounter it

  17. Mark repeated encounters on the stickie

  18. Balance DX vs business

  19. Boy scout rule

  20. New debt requires a team discussion

  21. Make it visual

  22. Explain debt to the business in the universal language $

  23. Be responsible: manage your debt

  24. Domain-Driven Design verraes.net/workshops/

  25. @mathiasverraes verraes.net/2013/07/managed-technical-debt/