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The World's Shortest and Most Chaotic Introduction to Event Storming

The World's Shortest and Most Chaotic Introduction to Event Storming

CukeUp London April 2016

Mathias Verraes

April 14, 2016

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  1. The Grand Dichotomy of Systems1 Things vs Processes 1 "Rethinking

    System Analysis and Design" — Gerald M. Weinberg
  2. Going further: Design Level Event Storming Precision — Constraints —

    Processes Dependencies — Messaging — Event Sourcing Bounded Contexts — Concurrency — Race Conditions — ...
  3. Domain Event Something has happened in the past that is

    relevant to the business Past tense: Trip has Started
  4. Command An instruction that a user (or another system) sends

    to your system Imperative: Start Trip
  5. Given there is a user vs Given a user has

    registered Given Event And Event When Command Then Event