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2019/01/29 麻生情報ビジネス専門学校


上級研究員 松本亮介 まつもとりー @matsumotory


January 29, 2019

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  1. 2 ɾ͘͞ΒΠϯλʔωοτݚڀॴ ্ڃݚڀһ ɾגࣜձࣾGrooves Forkewll ٕज़ސ໰ ɾϖύϘݚڀॴ ٬һݚڀһ ݚڀސ໰ ɾηΩϡϦςΟɾΩϟϯϓߨࢣ

    ɾ৘ใॲཧֶձ Πϯλʔωοτͱӡ༻ٕज़ݚڀձ ֤छҕһ ɾژ౎େֶത࢜ʢ৘ใֶʣ দຊ྄հ / ·ͭ΋ͱΓʔ / @matsumotory
  2. ref: H2O version 1.4.0 released with outstanding support for forward

    secrecy and load balancing (and the experimental mruby handler), http://blog.kazuhooku.com/2015/07/h2o-version-140-released-with.html Developed by Yukihiro Matz (the father of the Ruby programming language) and others, mruby is an implementation of the language for embedded use. Thanks to MATSUMOTO Ryosuke the language runtime can now be used to script how the HTTP requests should be handled within H2O. Please refer to Ryosuke's weblog for more information (in Japanese). In addition to topics related to H2O, you can find excellent entries about how to use a scripting engine within web servers to work against cyber attacks.
  3. 90 શ͘ৼΔΘͣʹࠃࡍձٞ΋࠷ॳ͸reject We regret to inform you that your paper

    has not been accepted for inclusion in the proceedings. Originality : Neutral Quality : Reject Relevance : Weak Reject Presentation : Reject Recommendation : Reject
  4. 91 ࠶௅ઓ We are happy to inform you that your

    paper has been accepted for inclusion as a full paper in the proceedings by the decision of the Program Committee. Originality : Accept Technical Quality : Accept Relevance : Accept Presentation : Weak Accept Significance : Accept Overall Rating : Accept ͜Γͣʹࠪಡ݁ՌΛड͚ࢭΊ࣍ʹ௅ઓ͢Δͱaccept!