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Developing iOS Apps with Swift

Developing iOS Apps with Swift

Do you want to write native apps for iOS, but NSString *string = @"This syntax sucks!"; scares you? Never fear, Swift is here. Swift is a modern, fast and powerful language that will become the de-facto standard for writing iOS apps. Come to this session to take a look at how to build an app from scratch using this new language.


Michael Crump

August 05, 2015


  1. Developing iOS Apps with Swift Michael Crump | @mbcrump |

    michaelcrump.net Telerik
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  3. –Craig Federighi “Swift is fast, modern, safe, interactive…”

  4. • Type Inference • Optionals • Generics • Working with

    Strings • Much More… Devs
  5. What was the initial reaction from developers around the world?

  6. iOS Devs

  7. Every other Developer

  8. None
  9. None
  10. But you really want the iOS market share…

  11. iEverything

  12. Won’t be fighting the Obj-C Monster!

  13. We’re Going with Swift!

  14. But we quickly found out… Swift 1.0 was just a

  15. Swift 1.2 A Baby

  16. Swift 2.0 (Beta) A Toddler

  17. None
  18. WWDC 15

  19. What Stood Out? • Open Sourced Swift 2.0 • Deploy

    iOS Apps to Devices w/o Dev Account • One Dev Center for Mac/Safari/iOS • Developer Forums Opened to Everyone • Public Betas of iOS 9
  20. None
  21. Goal: Get you excited to write iOS Apps using Swift

  22. Resources • Search “Swift” from the iBooks Application. • Search

    “Stanford Swift” from the iTunes Application. • https://developer.apple.com/swift/blog/ - Official blog by Apple on Swift. • Slides & Source Code is github.com/mbcrump/ COTB2015.
  23. UI for iOS Charts ListView DataForm Alert Calendar SideDrawer DataSource

    AppFeedback telerik.com/ios-ui
  24. NativeScript nativescript.org

  25. Michael Crump | @mbcrump | michaelcrump.net Telerik Slides/Demos github.com/mbcrump/COTB2015