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A Journey in Design

A Journey in Design

A talk for UIKonf 2015 in Berlin.

The focus is around various design processes, and how they can relate to programming concepts.


Maxim Cramer

May 19, 2015

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  1. A Journey in Design

  2. design

  3. None
  4. Adobe Photoshop 7

  5. design

  6. Engineer

  7. None
  8. engineer

  9. design

  10. None
  11. None
  12. designing apps

  13. Designers TDD Too

  14. ? validate designs

  15. use cases

  16. “a user needs to be able to sign up“

  17. “a user expects to be able to log out“

  18. test your design against it

  19. ? why would a user want to do that

  20. personas matter

  21. define types of users to help define expectations

  22. productivity first time early adopter social business

  23. power user first time

  24. test your design against all these constraints

  25. allow all users to be able to use it

  26. allow all users to be able to enjoy it

  27. focus

  28. why don’t you just...

  29. testing against all people takes time

  30. no binary test outcome

  31. ux debt

  32. a lot of design is figured out up front

  33. consistency is key

  34. video upload

  35. photo upload video upload music upload

  36. alone time

  37. explore

  38. easy to get stuck in all the things you can’t

  39. Collaboration

  40. as soon as you have a fleshed out concept

  41. unknown technical constraints cases you didn’t consider valuable feedback/opinion it’s

    their product too
  42. you own the design responsibility

  43. solicit feedback from everyone

  44. listen carefully

  45. you are not alone

  46. it’s up to you what you do with it

  47. it should be up to you what you do with

  48. Frankenstein exists

  49. design by committee is bad

  50. design by committee is bad

  51. consistency is key

  52. appear seamless to the user

  53. prototyping

  54. actual validation

  55. spot issues

  56. prototyping tools

  57. in-product

  58. hack it. branch it.

  59. test results

  60. test results *Terms and conditions may apply *

  61. user testing isn’t a weapon

  62. it’s another data point

  63. it can help with the why

  64. usability issues

  65. initial emotional response

  66. scope is far and wide

  67. Experience Design

  68. Graphic Design service design Experience Design Interaction Design Emotional Design

    visual design
  69. ask the right things

  70. why

  71. UX Design 101

  72. learn something new

  73. we could collaborate better

  74. we should collaborate better

  75. design Engineer

  76. teams

  77. this is important if you want to ship

  78. awesome products

  79. swiftkey Note

  80. “In this field we often respect the final product, but

    we don’t always appreciate the route it takes to get there”
  81. thank you

  82. @mennenia Questions?