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Users Don't Bite

Maxim Cramer
September 02, 2014

Users Don't Bite

Given at iOSDevUK Sept 2014.

As developers, it's not always about code. Spending time with our users, figuring out why they do what they do, is only beneficial to the products we build as well as to ourselves. Find out why you should get more involved with user testing, as well as how.

Maxim Cramer

September 02, 2014

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  1. Spent 9 months developing Tested the day before launch Ranked

    lowest in comparison to competitors CEO pulled the plug Money transfer site
  2. !

  3. Observe Do they ever swipe? Can they press the cross

    easily? How do they respond to the prompt?
  4. Prompt How would you think you could do that? How

    do you do this normally/elsewhere? Why did you want to do that? Why do you feel this way?
  5. Ask What do you think happened to the content? Did

    you feel you could do this by accident? Why did you do what you just did? What did the action remind you of?
  6. Welcome them “We’re testing the product, not you” “Please, talk

    out loud” “Nothing will offend us” Preparing the participant
  7. Repetition of the good & bad “How much would you

    pay?” Likelihood of recommendation (1-10) (NPS) “What would we need to get to that 10?” Closing questions
  8. Any major issues will surface This is a good thing

    You can still do something about them What to do with results