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Throw Your Future Self a Lifeline with a Little DevOps Data!

C4c74e5212f470baa1abe68d8e4fff45?s=47 Matthew Erbs
September 23, 2015

Throw Your Future Self a Lifeline with a Little DevOps Data!

We have a plethora of data available with IoT, Hybrid cloud and the world of mobile. However we often forget about the rich, insightful data of DevOps tooling that provide the mechanism for our applications to get to production.

How did the solutions get to there? Did the magic DevOps elves visit during the night? Was it Joe from Accounting? What if we could understand not only the health and status of applications but how they were deployed, by whom and when?

In this session, we will discover how Splunk can provide that insight by tapping into the extensive data that drives pipelines and deployments. Also, we will investigate what problems these datasets help to solve and how you can leverage existing solutions such as Chef and Octopus Deploy.


Matthew Erbs

September 23, 2015


  1. Copyright  ©  2015  Splunk  Inc. Matthew  Erbs   @matthewerbs  

    github.com/merbla Throw  Your  Future  Self   a  Lifeline  with  a  Little   DevOps  Data!
  2. Disclaimer 2 During  the  course  of  this  presentation,  we  may

     make  forward  looking  statements  regarding  future  events   or  the  expected  performance  of  the  company.  We  caution  you  that  such  statements  reflect  our  current   expectations  and  estimates  based  on  factors  currently  known  to  us  and  that  actual  events  or  results  could   differ  materially.  For  important  factors  that  may  cause  actual  results  to  differ  from  those  contained  in  our   forward-­‐looking  statements,  please  review  our  filings  with  the  SEC.  The  forward-­‐looking  statements  made   in  the  this  presentation  are  being  made  as  of  the  time  and  date  of  its  live  presentation.  If  reviewed  after   its  live  presentation,  this  presentation  may  not  contain  current  or  accurate  information.  We  do  not   assume  any  obligation  to  update  any  forward  looking  statements  we  may  make.     In  addition,  any  information  about  our  roadmap  outlines  our  general  product  direction  and  is  subject  to   change  at  any  time  without  notice.  It  is  for  informational  purposes  only  and  shall  not,  be  incorporated   into  any  contract  or  other  commitment.  Splunk  undertakes  no  obligation  either  to  develop  the  features  or   functionality  described  or  to  include  any  such  feature  or  functionality  in  a  future  release.
  3. 3 Who  am  I?

  4. 4 Brisbane, Australia… 5pm… a normal Friday

  5. 5 -­‐  a  manager “Remember  that  client…     they

     want  that  thing…”   “oh  yeah,  by  TODAY  please!”
  6. 6

  7. Would  you  release?? 7 Why? Why  Not?

  8. 8 DevOps

  9. 9

  10. DevOps  Tool  Chains 10

  11. How  can  Splunk  Help? 11 talking  by  Designify.me  from  the

     Noun  Project   Eye  by  Atacan  Gucluol  from  the  Noun  Project   Businessman  by  Viktor  Fedyuk  from  the  Noun  Project
  12. 12 Which  cookbook  applied  a  certificate  change   to  the

     Load  Balancer? Who  authorised  a  Cloud  Formation  release   that  impacted  a  firewall  white  list? Which  version  of  the  software  is  running   across  our  web  farm? When  was  the  last  successful  build  for  our   flagship  app?   Questions…  Questions…  Questions…
  13. 13 What  is  out  there?

  14. 14

  15. Push  -­‐  Chef   15 Server Analytics via  8089 Chef

  16. Push  -­‐  Your  Applications 16 Event  Collector,  TCP,  UDP

  17. 17

  18. Pull  -­‐  Octopus  Deploy 18 NodeJS   Modular  Input Octopus

     Deploy   App Query  via     REST  API
  19. Pull  -­‐  Your  Database 19 Scripted/Modular   Input A  

    Splunk   App DB
  20. What  about  my  apps? 20

  21. ` 21    Log.Logger  =  new  LoggerConfiguration()      

       .Enrich.With<HttpRequestIdEnricher>()          .Enrich.With<MachineNameEnricher>()          .WriteTo.EventCollector("https://mysplunk:8088/services/collector",  "mytoken")          .CreateLogger();
  22. Bring  it  together! 22 Notifications  of  significant  pipeline  events Build

     reporting  across  DevOps  tooling  silos Talk  to  other  teams  and  examine  your  tooling Are  you  ready  for  DevOps?
  23. Resources 23 Splunk   App  and  Mod  Input  Guidance  -­‐

       https://dev.splunk.com       Octopus  Deploy   Octopus  Deploy  App  -­‐  https://github.com/merbla/splunk-­‐octopusdeploy-­‐app   Chef   Kung  Fu  -­‐  https://www.chef.io/devops/devops-­‐kungfu.pdf   Chef  App  -­‐  https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/2687/       https://github/merbla
  24. 24 It’s YOUR data… OWN IT!

  25. Get  Amongst  It!! THANK  YOU