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  1. 2 Confidential Self-Introduction @kubomi • Team Merpay iOS team (Intern

    8/16 - 10/14) • Background - Bachelor of Design - UI UX Designer - Studying CS at the University of Pennsylvania (2022-) • Hobbies Drawing🎨, Cooking🍳, Cat😺
  2. 5 Confidential Holographic Logo Project Project Goal: Generate Holographic Effect

    for RealCard Logo on iOS using Device Motion Sensors. Motivation: - Provide a consistent UX in both the physical and digital worlds Result RealCard
  3. 6 Confidential Challenge 2 : Energy Efficiency Getting motion data

    in real time requires high CPU usage What I did: - Measured the CPU usage - Found the best update frequency to balance between looking good & being efficient - Ensured that the CPU usage returns to normal when not used
  4. 7 Confidential Challenge 3 : Communication with Designers Understand the

    designers' intentions and quickly reflect them in the demo What I did: - Have the designers check the demo on an physical device - Quick prototyping and get feedback from the designer - As a result, we could develop efficiently and collaboratively
  5. 8 Confidential Holographic Logo Project What I Learned - Comprehensive

    App Development - Using Motion Sensor - Checking CPU usage What I Achieved - Developed a feasible Proof of Concept - Quick Prototyping - Efficient Communication with Project Members Result
  6. 10 Confidential • Hands-on Experience in iOS App Development ◦

    Swift, Xcode, Problem solving, Documentations, Design System, PR Review • Communication with project members ◦ Getting help and code review from iOS team ◦ Discussion with designers & PMs ◦ Syncing with Android team • Understanding Mercari Culture ◦ Understand the Mercari mindset through 1on1s with various people 🙌 Special Thanks to @kris-san & Merpay iOS team Summary