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Mercari Tech Conf 2018 Opening

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October 04, 2018

Mercari Tech Conf 2018 Opening

Yuki Hamada
CPO, Mercari

The Mercari Group is working to utilize technology in more ways than ever before. Mercari CPO Yuki Hamada will discuss the thoughts and efforts behind this objective.



October 04, 2018

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  1. Opening Yuki Hamada CPO, Mercari

  2. CPO, Mercari Yuki Hamada

  3. Evolution

  4. ¥370 billion/year GMV Growth Registered MAU 10.7 million users 2015

    6月期 2016 6月期 2017 6月期 2018 6月期 Total Downloads Over 100 million Mercari’s Evolution 20 45 83 116 2015 June Q 2016 June Q 2017 June Q 2018 June Q 2.9 5.2 8.4 10.7 2015 June Q 2016 June Q 2017 June Q 2018 June Q 1,444 2,502 3,704 2016 June Q 2017 June Q 2018 June Q YoY +48.1%
  5. UI/UX Focused ・Savvy online marketing ・Bold TV commercials Easy to

    use, everyone’s heard of it ・Usability testing ・Building an analysis platform early to allow rapid improvement Proactive Marketing Before
  6. Technology Our future Do what has never been done before

    UI/UX Focused Proactive Marketing
  7. Item Image Recognition (Easy Input) Analyze images when items are

    listed to provide automated item names/descriptions Detect Terms of Use Violations Detect counterfeit and banned items using machine learning technology Item Weight Estimation (US) Estimate the weight of an item based on its description and provide the appropriate shipping label What We Can Do Now With Technology
  8. How can Mercari use technology to evolve?

  9. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

  10. Our Future Tech Even easier listing Even easier discovery Even

    easier selling
  11. Our goal is to compete as a tech company on

    the world stage
  12. The Steps to Becoming a Tech Company Product Driven Engineering

    Driven Tech Driven
  13. Changing the world with technology Creating technology that is used

    by developers What is a Tech Company?
  14. 信頼 Value Discovery Value Exchange Mercari’s Core Technology

  15. Trust Mercari’s Core Technology Value Discovery Value Exchange

  16. Trusted XXX 信用できる仕組み Ride in a stranger's car Rent your

    home out to a stranger Uber Airbnb Uncertainty and Trust
  17. Uncertainty and Trust Buy something from a stranger

  18. Investing in people Research and development A scalable development organization

    Our Strategy
  19. Evolve the world through technology as a tech company on

    the world stage