MTC2018 - Microservices Platform at Mercari

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October 04, 2018

MTC2018 - Microservices Platform at Mercari

Speaker: 中島 大一(Taichi Nakashima)

Mercariではサービスと組織の拡大に合わせてMonolithアーキテクチャからMicroservicesアーキテクチャへの移行を進めています.Microservices Platform TeamはこのMicroservicesのためのPlatformの構築を行っています.開発者のDeveloper Productivityを最大限に高め各チームがオーナーシップを持ち独立して高速にサービス開発サイクルを回せるようなPlatformを目指しています.本セッションではMicroservices Platform Teamの取り組みを紹介します。

As Mercari continues to grow as a service and organization, we decided it was time to make the move from a monolith architecture to microservices. The Microservices Platform Team is the team responsible for building the platform for this. The goal is to create a platform that allows developers to maximize their productivity for a rapid service development cycle where teams are independent and have ownership over their projects. In this session, Nakashima will introduce the initiatives the Microservices Platform Team are taking to achieve this goal.



October 04, 2018