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Asia Open Data HACKATHON 2017


August 24, 2017

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  1. It’s a simple but powerful water level watcher. 2017/08/19@SENQ KASUMIGASEK

  2. First, let’s break the ice.

  3. Innovation always comes from outside of the box.

  4. “Laziness” is a trigger for innovation.

  5. • What is noah? • Why do we need noah?

  6. What is noah?

  7. “noah” is a simple but powerful water level watcher.

  8. 5 features.

  9. 1st) noah makes clear how dangerous the water level is.

  10. 2nd) noah tells you how heavy the rain will be

  11. 3rd) noah focuses on the river of your choice (*this

    feature will be expanded)
  12. 4th) noah’s alert on the display will notify you

  13. 5th) noah shows you a exactly where to escape to

    (*To be expanded)
  14. • front-end ◦ Electron / React • back-end ◦ AWS

    Services. • API ◦ Meteorological Agency Open Data ◦ GoogleAPI / River Water Level Data How does noah work?
  15. Why do we need noah?

  16. Water related disasters kill many people in Asia. cf. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nepal-floods-idUSKCN1AV0NJ

  17. A lot of the time, we worry about water related

  18. None
  19. It is very annoying!!!

  20. Be MORE lazy !!!

  21. noah makes the necessary information clear

  22. It is very simple !!!

  23. In summary

  24. noah is ... • a simple but powerful water level

    watcher • a practical tool to make our life more secure • an “ARK” to save people from water related disasters