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Serverless orchestration with Workflows

Serverless orchestration with Workflows


Mete Atamel

April 16, 2021


  1. Proprietary + Confidential Serverless orchestration with Workflows Mete Atamel Developer

    Advocate Google Cloud
  2. Proprietary + Confidential Orchestration vs Choreography in microservices

  3. Proprietary + Confidential Imagine an e-commerce transaction Too much coupling

    between services What if one of the services goes down?
  4. Proprietary + Confidential Choreographed services Services are loosely coupled Who

    ensures that the transaction is complete?
  5. Proprietary + Confidential Imagine a more complex transaction

  6. Proprietary + Confidential Orchestrated services Best of both worlds: Loosely

    coupled + orchestrator to capture the transaction
  7. Proprietary + Confidential What’s Workflows?

  8. Proprietary + Confidential Serverless Compute External API’s Google API’s etc...

    Workflows - orchestrate & integrate SaaS API’s Private API’s Other Clouds
  9. - callMyFunction: call: http.get args: url: https://us-central1-project123.cloudfunctions.net/... query: metric: NoOfTrs

    result: metricResult - saveResult: switch: - condition: ${ metricResult.body.TrNo > 100 } call: http.post args: url: https://mydeployment.... body: Metric: ${ metricResult.body.TrNo } getMetric TrNo>100 End Yes No {“metric”:”NoOfTrs”} Notify
  10. Proprietary + Confidential Steps

  11. Proprietary + Confidential Expression language

  12. Proprietary + Confidential Errors and retries

  13. Proprietary + Confidential Conditional Expressions

  14. Proprietary + Confidential How do I use Workflows?

  15. Proprietary + Confidential # Deploy a workflow gcloud workflows deploy

    my-workflow --source=workflow.yaml # Execute a workflow gcloud workflows execute my-workflow # See the result gcloud workflows executions describe <your-execution-id> --workflow my-workflow gcloud
  16. Proprietary + Confidential Cloud Console

  17. Proprietary + Confidential Workflows cloud.google.com/workflows Quickstarts cloud.google.com/workflows/docs/quickstarts Codelab: Introduction to

    serverless orchestration with Workflows codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/cloud-workflows-intro Thank you