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Human-Computer Collaboration at NYPL Labs

Human-Computer Collaboration at NYPL Labs

This talk is part of the Culture Analytics and User Experience Design Workshop organized by the UCLA's Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics, April 11 - 15, 2016.

This talk will provide an insight into the Building Inspector, Oral History, and other projects developed at New York Public Library Labs, with an emphasis on design and HCI-related challenges and iteration processes. It will cover the rationale as to when NYPL Labs uses (or does not use) computational tools for data extraction and improvement, and how the library is learning to collaborate with its users on the creation of digital resources.

Mauricio Giraldo

April 14, 2016

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  1. « A designer’s definition of ‘perfect’ is different for computational

    designers. » because it is not achievable John Maeda
  2. like Google Maps for the 19th century but Google Maps

    cannot answer questions about the 19th century
  3. what is the minimum contribution we need? we want the

    lowest friction possible so people will want to contribute
  4. YES is on the right side because most people are

    right-handed and the algorithm is right most of the time
  5. we add new maps as old ones are completed the

    bottleneck now became geo-rectifying those maps ¯\_(ϑ)_/¯
  6. we have too many edge cases or: how i learned

    to stop worrying and embrace imperfection
  7. it’s a collaborative process Willa Armstrong, Shawn Averkamp, Paul Beaudoin,

    Brian Foo, Josh Hadro, Elizabeth Hummer, Ara Kim, Shana Kimball, Tom Listanti, Matthew Miller, Eric Shows, Bert Spaan, and more at NYPL…