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How To Document Events

How To Document Events

Presented at Hacker Archive

Michael Cheng

May 09, 2015

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  1. AGENDA • An overview of video recording techniques under different

    scenarios • How to set up the recording equipment • Intro to video editing
  2. RECORDING FORMAT • Usually 1 video camera, focused on speaker.

    • Screen grabber for presentation slides. • Software video mixer. • Picture in Picture format. • Audio from digital video camera. • Or you edit in post-production (optional).
  3. TO DO CHECKLIST • Where’s the speaker presenting from? •

    Standing, sitting or walking about? • This determines your camera placement. • Lighting situation? • Test with presentation slides on projector - is it reasonably viewable? • Switch off some lights? Will your video still be clear?
  4. TO DO CHECKLIST • Projector input - VGA or HDMI?

    • Affects your screen recording output. • All presenter’s video output - VGA or HDMI? • Affects your screen recording input. • Best way to find out is ask the presenters to test their slides on projector.
  5. TO DO CHECKLIST • Will the presenter need to show

    case anything other than the presentation slides? • Like a live demo of some equipment, hardware or physical installation. • May require 2nd camera or visualiser. • Or you could just pivot the 1st camera to focus on the the additional things.
  6. EQUIPMENT SETUP • Position camera & tripod stand for optimum

    audio capture and video angle. • Preferably setup and forget its there. • Find good and inconspicuous spot for the laptop setup. • Ensure you have audio feed! And the levels are good.
  7. SCREEN CAPTURE SETUP • HDMI from presenter / HDMI to

    projector • HDMI out, HDMI splitter (1 to projector, another to screen grabber). • HDMI from presenter / VGA to projector • HDMI out, HDMI splitter - port 1 to HDMI to VGA converter -> projector, port 2 to screen grabber.
  8. SCREEN CAPTURE SETUP • VGA from presenter / VGA to

    projector • VGA out, VGA splitter (port 1 to projector), port 2 to VGA to HDMI converter, HDMI to screen grabber. • VGA from presenter / HDMI to projector • VGA out, VGA to HDMI converter, HDMI splitter (port 1 to projector, port 2 to screen grabber).
  9. TIPS ON CAMERA WORK • Focus on the speaker. Widen

    the view by moving the tripod back. • Minimise movement of camera. Lateral movement only. • Too much movement creates handling noise on microphone. • Capture field of microphones. • Only record the screen if speaker gesture to part of the screen. • If the speaker has too much movement, I'll just switch to slide + audio to minimise distraction.
  10. VIDEO EDITING • Choice of software: iMovie, Premiere Pro, Final

    Cut Pro. • Non-linear video editing system.
  11. PROCESS • Import all the files. • Trim to the

    bits you want. • Picture in picture with slides requires synchronisation of the timelines. • Normalise audio levels. • Add pre-roll (usually a title slide of the talk). • Fade to black at the end.