Live with your SQL-fetish and choose the right tool for the job

Live with your SQL-fetish and choose the right tool for the job

This is a new iteration of my database talk. It has taken quite a different direction since first presented at DOAG 2016. Should we as developers focus on only one technology and make that "our fetish"? Or is better, more resilient to have a broader tool belt. Check the slides and the code:
There's a nice video of that iteration here as well:

jOOQ is one of several quite different technologies to access relational data from Java based applications.

jOOQ is short for "Java object oriented querying" and describes a query builder framework that takes a look at your database schema, independent wether you use an Open Source database like PostgreSQL or an commercial product like Oracle Database., and provides you with a domain specific language (DSL) for generating statements.

jOOQs goal is explicitly not to shield the user from SQL but providing a type safe way to use it.

Learn in this session who you can facilitate the "magic" of Spring Boot to provide jOOQ with needed resources and then use it to publish advanced analytic queries as HTTP apis.

Along the way you learn how automatic database migrations help you to do continuous delivery even with database centric applications.


Michael Simons

September 19, 2017