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5 AWS mistakes you should avoid

5 AWS mistakes you should avoid


Michael Wittig

March 10, 2016


  1. 5 AWS mistakes you should avoid

  2. HELLO! I am Michael Wittig You can find me at

  3. Typical web application

  4. 1. Mistake: managing infrastructure manually

  5. Infrastructure as Code

  6. cloudonaut.io Launch pad for Amazon Web Services

  7. 2. Mistake: not using Auto Scaling Groups

  8. 3. Mistake: not analyzing metrics in CloudWatch

  9. Everything is in CloudWatch

  10. 4. Mistake: ignoring Trusted Advisor

  11. Focus Areas › cost optimization › performance › security ›

    fault tolerance Checks your AWS account against best practices defined by AWS.
  12. I suggest to care about security first!

  13. 5. Mistake: underutilizing virtual machines

  14. 5 most common mistakes are: managing infrastructure manually Use CloudFormation

    to manage your infrastructure! not using Auto Scaling Groups Run all EC2 instances inside ASGs. The are not only about scaling! not analyzing metrics in CloudWatch It’s all in CloudWatch. Analyze and define Alarms! ignoring Trusted Advisor Set up weekly e-mail summary of findings now! underutilizing virtual machines Check your CloudWatch metrics! Check your Scaling Policies!
  15. Amazon Web Services in Action “A very thorough and practical

    guide to everything AWS ... highly recommended.”
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