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Pssst, hey you! Not everyone likes videos! - WP Accessibility Day

Pssst, hey you! Not everyone likes videos! - WP Accessibility Day

WordPress Accessibility Day 2022 talk on making videos accessible.

Michele Butcher

November 02, 2022

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  1. I am Michele Butcher-Jones You can find me at @michele_butcher

    on Twitter Hello! 2 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  2. A little about Michele… ◉ Head Geek at Can’t Speak

    Geek ◉ Founder of 13Core ◉ WordPress Core Contributor ◉ Support for PostStatus Team ◉ Volunteer Wrangler for WordFest ◉ “Day jobs” at Thrive Agency and Cornell University 3 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  3. Some facts about video content ◉ According to Cisco -

    videos count for 82% of web traffic ◉ YouTube states they have 2 billion views every day ◉ Digiday says Facebook has over 8 billion views a day but 85% of these are viewed without sound. 5 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  4. But why do people love them? ◉ All the cool

    kids apps are using them ◉ The wave of “influencer” culture ◉ They are great for SEO ◉ They are relatively easy to make 6 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  5. Video hurdles include ◉ 13% of the United States alone

    have a disability ◉ Some people dislike being “talked to” ◉ They can be hard to comprehend ◉ Quality of the video 8 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  6. Other non-accessible issues ◉ All the advertisements, all the time

    ◉ Subscriber Pressure ◉ Not having a clear point ◉ Too much “fluff” and people lose interest 9 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  7. Video Conflicts There has never been a one-size fits all

    solution 3 10 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  8. It’s not just the visual or hearing impared either ◉

    Neurodivergent Persons ◉ ADHD ◉ Auditory Processing Disorder ◉ Learning Disabilities 11 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  9. Different Learning Styles ◉ Not everyone can learn from videos

    ◉ Sometimes a person needs more than one format to let it all soak in 12 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  10. If you must use videos There is more to recording

    videos and then publishing them. 4 13 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  11. All Videos should include: Captions and transcripts Web Friendly Text

    PDF’s that allow for audio playback 14 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  12. Text in Videos (and the pages that hold them) ◉

    Choose easy to read fonts, large spacing, and large fonts ◉ Avoid animations in text ◉ Use color for contrasts and to highlight important information 15 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  13. Captions during live videos ◉ Utilize YouTube’s speech recognition technology

    but review and revise to ensure it is correct ◉ Video captions bring all of the sounds to text ◉ Closed captions are encoded with the video ◉ Open captions are decoded from an existing subtitle file and usually made third party 16 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  14. Transcripts for reading along ◉ Take the captions one step

    further to be able to search through dialogue ◉ You do not have to keep up with what is on the screen ◉ It is like reading a book instead of watching the movie 17 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  15. Audio Descriptions Everywhere ◉ Standard audio descriptions on images, scenes,

    or videos through narration ◉ Extended audio gives the small details of every action of every frame ◉ Descriptors help close the gap between what is happening on screen and what the viewer understands 18 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  16. Video formats and players ◉ The video format should be

    accessible for the blind and visually imparied (MP4) ◉ Most of the time Vimeo and YouTube does this automatically ◉ WordPress makes it easy to embed videos ◉ Products like Adobe Premiere Pro can help 19 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  17. Random other things to do for sounds ◉ Speak slow

    and clear ◉ Show the speaker’s face ◉ Block out white noise ◉ Try to avoid “filler” words ◉ Have a narrator ◉ Have a non-distracting background 20 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  18. Random other things to do for visuals ◉ Nothing blinking,

    flashing, or strobing ◉ Smooth movements of camera ◉ Remember your color contrasting 21 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  19. Other factors for accessible videos There is more to accessibility

    than the democracy of media 22 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  20. Other wins with Accessible videos ◉ The obvious of being

    inclusive and reaching all audiences ◉ Accessible videos improve SEO ◉ Ease of use with your website ◉ Lowers chances of a legal complaint for ADA 23 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  21. Helpful Links WCAG Accessibility Standards https://www.w3.org/WAI/stan dards-guidelines/wcag/ Ava - Captions

    for All https://www.ava.me TapTapSee https://taptapseeapp.com 24 Americans with Disabilities Act https://www.ada.gov Google Accessibility https://www.google.com/acces sibility/ InVideo https://invideo.io 11y Color Contrast Accessibility Validator https://color.a11y.com BOIA - Video Checklist https://www.boia.org/blog/che cklist-for-creating-accessible-vi deos Assistive Technology Industry Association https://www.atia.org https://mlb.pw/wpad2022
  22. Any questions ? You can find me at ◉ @michele_butcher

    on Twitter ◉ @[email protected] on Mastodon ◉ [email protected] Thanks! 25 https://mlb.pw/wpad2022