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You Have Been Hacked? Now What?

You Have Been Hacked? Now What?

WordCamp San Diego 2015. Learn what you need to do once your website gets hacked and how not have it happen again.

Michele Butcher

March 28, 2015

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  1. Your Site Has Been Hacked, Now What? Michele Butcher CantSpeakGeek.com

    WPSecurityLock.com @Michele_Butcher Slides can be found at: http://mlb.pw/WCSD2015 @Michele_Butcher
  2. WordPress Specialist at 
 WP Security Lock Head Geek at

 Speak Geek Sometimes a designer of pretty 
 websites and graphics Southern Illinois Meetup Co-Organizer Beginners and Intermediate WordPress 
 Instructor at John A Logan College Michele Butcher @Michele_Butcher
  3. First option: Pay someone else to clean it. There are

    many options out there who will clean your site. Here is who I suggest. WP Security Lock https://wpsecuritylock.com Sucuri Security http://sucuri.net/ @Michele_Butcher Hack Repair http://hackrepair.com
  4. Second Option: Clean it yourself • Cheapest • Most time

    consuming • No one knows your site better than you do • You just have to know what to look for I do not suggest this if you are not comfortable reading HTML, PHP, and CSS. @Michele_Butcher
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  7. When cleaning your site, add clean copies of core, your

    theme and your plugins. It makes cleaning so much easier. @Michele_Butcher
  8. This is a good time to make an audit of

    everything on your site and delete what is not being used. You can always add other themes and plugins back later when you need it. @Michele_Butcher
  9. Now you have all the malware removed, that does not

    mean we are done @Michele_Butcher
  10. Check your users! • You could have unwanted users •

    Delete the unwanted guests immediately • if you use “admin” as a username, delete it and make a new user name • Delete all users that are no longer using your dashboard (Old devs, designers, guests) • Only give others the access they need, not what they want. A guest blogger should never be an admin, only a contributor. @Michele_Butcher
  11. Check your FTP accounts on your server You could have

    unwanted users here as well @Michele_Butcher
  12. Add some Security to your site • iThemes Security or

    iThemes Security Pro • Jetpack (BruteProtect and VaultPress) • WordFence • Sucuri Firewall Some trusted plugins @Michele_Butcher
  13. Change your login information • WordPress Logins and passwords •

    cPanel Logins and passwords • Database logins and passwords
 (Remember to change them in your wp-config.php) • Hosting Logins and passwords @Michele_Butcher
  14. When it comes to usernames and passwords, here are a

    few tips. • NEVER use “admin” as a username and “password”as the password. NEVER on anything! • The harder a password is to remember, the harder is to hack • Use something like LastPass, 1Password, or KeyPass to store your passwords @Michele_Butcher
  15. A note on updating If you use a theme and/or

    plugin that was purchased from Envato, Theme Forest, or Code Canyon please mark the box under each purchased item on the download page to be notified by email of updates. That is the only way they notify their customers of updates. This is part of the reason the RevSlider Soak Soak infection was so high. @Michele_Butcher
  16. Pay attention to WordPress news and security sites • WP

    Tavern • WP Security Bloggers • Sucuri Blog • WP Security Lock • Advanced WordPress (Facebook) • Twitter @Michele_Butcher
  17. Only use trusted and supported themes and plugins Do NOT

    use a theme or plugin • That has not been updated in more than a year • No one is responding in the support forums • If it shows that it does not work in the current version of core @Michele_Butcher
  18. Start Making Backups • Backup Buddy • BackWPUp • VaultPress

    (Jetpack) • Check with your hosting company to see if they do backups as well • iThemes Security (free and Pro) will do database backups @Michele_Butcher
  19. Speaking of backups… Save them somewhere other than your server.

    Most have options to send them to an Amazon S3 account, Dropbox, email, or download to your machine. @Michele_Butcher
  20. Lastly, be active with your site. You know your site

    best. If something does not feel right, look into it. Also, do not ignore your website. No one likes a zombie website. @Michele_Butcher