Git: History matters

Git: History matters


Michal Těhník

October 24, 2016


  1. 2.

    Workflow pull request change log remote branch git checkout -b

    prefix/name git checkout master git pull git commit git fetch git rebase origin/master git push origin prefix/name git pull
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    How great commit looks like • Should tell story •

    Don’t tell what did you do, but why • Commit like you commit to Linux Kernel • You should write commit message before implementation • Atomic • External links
  3. 8.

    Actions • introduce new labels ◦ Feature, Improvement, Bug •

    introduce link to productboard • rethink branch prefixes (abandon Git Flow) • be more careful about commits and PR’s • forbid push to the master
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    Resources Git Workflow How to Write a Git Commit

    Message Commitizen A Tale of Three Trees FrequencyReducesDifficulty