"Be not afraid!"

Df8dadf45535cb8501d04a99b7f03f56?s=47 Mike McNeil
November 07, 2018

"Be not afraid!"

In the era of async/await, the grass has never been greener over here in Node.js-land. But there are still a few major gotchas you need to watch out for, and some of them are less than obvious. Mike will review the most common practical risks and mistakes our team sees in real-world Node.js applications. And then he'll explain why it's actually fine... why, despite all that, Node.js is even more of an awesome choice for your application in 2019.

Mike McNeil (@mikermcneil) has been an avid business user and evangelist for Node.js for the last seven years. He's also the creator of Sails.js, a popular open-source MVC framework that's kind of like Rails for Node.js.


Mike McNeil

November 07, 2018