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R 4 All: Welcoming and inclusive practices for teaching R

R 4 All: Welcoming and inclusive practices for teaching R

With the rising interest in data science and programming, those of us teaching (with) R can now reach a larger audience than we ever thought possible. As educators, it is our responsibility to ensure that while we are building interesting and challenging curricula for these students, we also do it in a way that is attractive and engaging for a diverse audience as well as supportive enough to minimize the number of students who fall through the cracks. Adopting welcoming and inclusive practices can enable these students, whatever their background and circumstances, to achieve their potential and grow and engage with the larger R and data science community. In this talk, we highlight a collection of pedagogical considerations, tips, and tricks for designing a welcoming and inclusive curriculum for teaching (with) R. In addition, we demonstrate tooling and infrastructure solutions for making it as straightforward and painless as possible to put these approaches into practice in the classroom.


Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel

November 16, 2019


  1. 4 all mine çetinkaya-rundel minebocek mine-cetinkaya-rundel cetinkaya.mine@gmail.com rstd.io/r4all-cardiff welcoming +

    inclusive practices for teaching R
  2. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff so, you want to teach R? ✔ learner personas

    ✔ learning goals ✔ list of topics ✔ resources ❓ … ✔ syllabus ✔ computing infrastructure
  3. get students interested keep curriculum challenging enough to make it

    worthwhile for the students ensure curriculum is supportive enough to minimize number of students who fall through the cracks prepare students for the next phase
  4. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff get to know your students 1

  5. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff get to know your students twitter.com/andrewheiss/status/1161327738000531458 forms.gle/La4UfDjNLkyKR45B9

  6. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff forms.gle/La4UfDjNLkyKR45B9 get to know your students

  7. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff student dashboard

  8. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff class dashboard

  9. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff ✨ minecr.shinyapps.io/student-dashboard/ rstd.io/student-dashboard-code

  10. help them get help 2

  11. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff help with ?help socviz.co/appendix.html#a-little-more-about-r

  12. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff help with ❌

  13. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff help with ✅

  14. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff help with searcher offers preliminary support for automatically or

    manually searching errors that are generated in R.
  15. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff help with searcher

  16. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff help with searcher

  17. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff help with searcher

  18. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff help with reprex forces students to fulfil the technical

    criteria so the instructor can focus on the help that only a human can provide "Robot Pedantry, Human Empathy” mikemcquaid.com/2018/06/05/robot-pedantry-human-empathy
  19. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff sans ❌ reprex

  20. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff ✅ with reprex

  21. live code early & often 3

  22. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff ❌

  23. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff ✅

  24. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff livecoding tips use default appearance and font styles zoom

    in and use larger fonts ✋ avoid keyboard shortcuts, unless carefully narrating test your physical space / back of classroom ⏺ + record + broadcast
  25. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff livecode with livecode github.com/rundel/livecode

  26. leverage visuals 4

  27. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff twitter.com/hadleywickham/status/643381054758363136

  28. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff jennybc.github.io/purrr-tutorial/more-resources.html

  29. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff github.com/allisonhorst/stats-illustrations

  30. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff and leverage non-visuals twitter.com/KStackWhitney/status/1143497505654677504

  31. define & pronounce terms 5

  32. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff define > ?double

  33. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff Felienne. “Explicit Direct Instruction in Programming Education” resources.rstudio.com/rstudio-conf-2019/opening-keynote-day2 pronounce

  34. highlight diversity 6

  35. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff significancemagazine.com/624 > EU Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Survey

    > European Network for the Investigation of Gender Incongruence > LGBTData: repository by Drexel University School of Public Health > Population Research in Sexual Minority Health (PRISM) Data Archive > US Center for Disease Control (CDC) data gender diversity
  36. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff language diversity

  37. provide instant feedback 7

  38. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff R Rmd Does my Rmd knit? Am I pushing

    extraneous files to my repo?
  39. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff Does my Rmd knit?

  40. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff Am I pushing extraneous files to my repo?

  41. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff R Rmd Am I following style guidelines? periodically

  42. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff repo_style(repo = "ghclass-demo/hw-03-ncbikecrash-ghclass-anya", files = "*.Rmd", draft = TRUE)

    #> ✔ Created branch 'styler' from 'ghclass-demo/hw-03-ncbikecrash-ghclass-anya'. #> ✔ Cloned 'ghclass-demo/hw-03-ncbikecrash-ghclass-anya@styler'. #> ✔ Created pull request for 'ghclass-demo/hw-03-ncbikecrash-ghclass-anya (master <= styler)'.
  43. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff

  44. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff take a note from praise, also comment on positives

    don’t just point out negatives
  45. invite peer feedback 8

  46. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff make expertise “contagious” within your class help students see

    their work through another’s eyes, without instructor having to point out flaws peer review
  47. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff peer review with ghclass

  48. amplify diverse voices 9

  49. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff

  50. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff Brooke Watson

  51. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff Julia Silge

  52. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff Omayma Said

  53. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff

  54. make room for creativity 10

  55. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff analyze your own data

  56. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff ugly ggplot2 themes twitter.com/biogeobiochem/status/1172547846479831040

  57. rstd.io/r4all-cardiff draw a christmas tree smarterpoland.pl/index.php/2017/12/christmas-trees

  58. 4 all minebocek mine-cetinkaya-rundel cetinkaya.mine@gmail.com rstd.io/r4all-cardiff welcoming + inclusive practices

    for teaching R Illustrations by Desirée De Leon, @dcossyle rstd.io/r4all-github