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All docs lead to Sphinx

All docs lead to Sphinx

The slide of All docs lead to Sphinx, a talk presented at SphinxCon JP 2015.

Hong Minhee (洪 民憙)

November 24, 2015

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  1. 洪 ⺠憙 (Hong Minhee) • Works at Spoqa (http://spoqa.jp/) •

    An enthusiast of F/OSS • Coded in Python since 2005 • Wand, libsass-python
  2. 洪 ⺠憙 (Hong Minhee) • A happy user of Sphinx

    since 2010 • sphinxcontrib-httpdomain • sphinxcontrib-autoprogram
  3. Sphinx’s common usages • Tutorials & manuals: plain RST docs

    • Python API references: sphinx.ext.autodoc • Mostly for Python libraries
  4. HTTP API references • No directives for resources • No

    roles for methods or status codes • So what are there? • :mailheader: • :mimetype:
  5. sphinxcontrib-httpdomain .. http:get:: /users/(int:user_id)/posts/(tag) The posts tagged with `tag` that

    the user (`user_id`) wrote. :query sort: one of ``hit``, ``created-at`` :query offset: offset number. default is 0 :query limit: limit number. default is 30 :reqheader Authorization: optional OAuth token to authenticate :statuscode 200: no error :statuscode 404: there's no user
  6. Domain for CLI? • Sphinx already provides some for it

    • .. envvar::, :envvar: • .. program::, :program:, :command: • .. option::, :option:
  7. .. program:: sassc .. option:: -m, -g, --sourcemap Emit source

    map. The filename of source map will be the output CSS filename followed by :file:`.map`. .. option:: -w, --watch Watch file for changes. Requires the second argument (output CSS filename). .. option:: -p, --precision Set the precision for numbers. Default is 5.