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Integrating Communities

Jenny Wong
October 04, 2014

Integrating Communities

A call for PHP to help build the bridge for subsets of the PHP community - especially WordPress.

Jenny Wong

October 04, 2014

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  1. Integrating Communities Jenny Wong : @miss_ jwo

  2. Background

  3. I <3 PHP

  4. I <3 WordPress

  5. The mocking of WordPress by PHP is like watching my

    parents having a fight every day.
  6. Broken Home

  7. Yes WordPress code quality isn’t great.

  8. Then again PHP has its flaws too

  9. There are not enough developers as it is.

  10. So why are we belittling a subset of developers that

    we have?
  11. But we can change this.

  12. Lets fix it.

  13. I am one person

  14. Multi dimensional problems need a multidimensional solution.

  15. Solution 1

  16. WordCamps

  17. PHP conferences

  18. Stop putting them on the same dates!

  19. Solution 2

  20. Someone has to make the first step.

  21. WordPress User Groups

  22. PHP User Groups

  23. Waiting around is boring

  24. Solution 3

  25. WordPress Developers DO want to learn PHP

  26. Help teach them!

  27. Go to their user groups and invite them to the

    php community!
  28. Solution 4

  29. Plugin development

  30. Plugins do not have to be at a minimum of

  31. Solution 5

  32. Welcome

  33. Don’t belittle

  34. Leave the door open

  35. Educate

  36. Support

  37. Mentor

  38. Be cheerleaders

  39. ie. an air hostess. Be hosts

  40. Be empathic

  41. and guide

  42. Yes WordPress isn’t great.

  43. But we can improve one step at a time.

  44. @miss_ jwo Thank You