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Spring Boot Omakase, System Scalability Edition

Spring Boot Omakase, System Scalability Edition

Spring Boot has revolutionized the Java space and continues to do so, evolving constantly to increase developers' superpowers and advance the state of production-grade software development.

Presenting a dynamic technology before vastly different audiences often limits what can be proposed & presented. Let’s fix that!

This session is an omakase, a "chef’s choice" of key points and latest/coolest capabilities for developers in the Spring Boot ecosystem. Known by French chefs as m’étonner ("Astonish me!"), the goal is to combine useful patterns and new possibilities in one fast-paced live-coding adventure from which everyone leaves with something tasty to chew on. Come for the apps, stay for dessert, leave satisfied & excited for the next "course" of production software!


Mark Heckler

March 15, 2021


  1. Spring Boot Omakase System Scalability: Taking it to 11 Mark

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    network boundary RSocket: This goes to 11 + Containerization?
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