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Certificate Authority Management on ABAP System

Certificate Authority Management on ABAP System

This slides presented at SAP Inside Track Istanbul 2021, Istanbul, Turkey.


Mustafa Kerim Yılmaz

December 20, 2021

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  1. Mustafa Kerim Yilmaz @mkysoft Certificate AUTHORITY MANAGEMENT ON ABAP SYSTEM

  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 01 02 03 Overview SAP Way Automation

    04 Hints 2
  3. Overview SSL TLS Plain Text Plain Text Cipher Text Decipher

    Cipher Public Key Private Key 3
  4. Overview Certificates Certificate Issuer Root CA 20-30 years 5-7 years

    1 min-3 years CRL 4
  5. ICM SAP Way SAPCRYPTOLIB Secure Storage (PSE File) ABAP optional

    SSLV2 SSLV3 TLS 1.0 TLS 1.2 TLS 1.3 SNI 5
  6. STRUST 6


    _CERT_ENROLL SLS Enrollment SSF _CERT_RENEW Renew Certificates SSF _CUST_OPTIONS Set SSF Customizing Options SSF _ERRORS SSF _EXPORT_P12 SSF _IMPORT_P12 Import PKCS#12 SSF _INFO_P12 Program SSF _INFO_P12 SSF _PSE_ID_VIEW_EVENTS Include SSF _PSE_ID_VIEW_EVENTS SSF01 SSF Test Program SSF02 SSF Test Program SSFALRTEXP Check and Warn About Certificates Expiring Soon SSFCONST SSF ("Secure Store & Forward") constants SSFDECRYPT Symmetric Decryption SSFENCRYPT Symmetric Encryption SSFIDEMO_DIGSIG SSFPKITEST1 Check System PKI SSFPKITEST2 Check System PKI SSFPKITEST3 Parse System PKI SSFPKITEST4 Check System PKI SSFPSEMAINT SSF: PSE Management on Application Server SSFSDEMO Mini-Online Store (Digital Signature) SSFTEST SSF (Secure Store & Forward) test program 7
  8. AUTOMATION Root CA List Parse Add to PSE https://github.com/mkysoft/zstrust Check

    Get certificate/root by URL 8
  9. hints KeyStore Explorer ABAP AES https://github.com/Sumu-Ning/AES 9

  10. CREDITS: This presentation template was created by Slidesgo, including icons

    by Flaticon, and infographics & images by Freepik. THANKS! Do you have any questions? mkysoft /in/mkerim Please keep this slide for attribution. 10