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Philly Tech Week 2016: Decoupled Development: Feeding Your Application with Off-the-Shelf Tools

Philly Tech Week 2016: Decoupled Development: Feeding Your Application with Off-the-Shelf Tools


May 04, 2016

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  1. Native American Voices • 15-foot touch towers • 12 kiosk

    touchscreens matching artifact cases • 300+ artifacts, images, videos • Static XML + media assets
  2. Connecting the dots • Web stuff over here, lots of

    CMS/website builds • Applications over there (iOS, Android, Cinder, JS)
  3. James Ensor • Interactive kiosks to explore The Temptation of

    Saint Anthony by James Ensor • Smaller scope than NAV on the content side, opportunity to prototype
  4. James Ensor • WordPress + JSON API (https://wordpress. org/plugins/json-api/), •

    Cinder (C++) for touchscreen application • JSON, not XML • Preprocessor, not “live”—static output bundled with application
  5. Field Museum: Digital Orientation Stations • Digital Orientation Screens for

    finding out information on Exhibits, Events, Amenities • Twelve 55" screens throughout the Museum • Client team was familiar with Drupal, so we looked into what we could do with Drupal • Screens needed to download content locally
  6. Field Museum: Digital Orientation Stations • Drupal 7, Services module

    plus Services Views • bash scripts to rsync JSON and images from server to local network. • AngularJS • TweenMax (http://greensock.com/tweenmax)
  7. • Android/iOS app to tell stories of the slaves who

    worked on Mulberry Row • Bluetooth LE beacons for location-awareness • Audio as storytelling tool Slavery at Monticello
  8. • WordPress + JSON API • Swift (iOS) + Java

    (Android) Slavery at Monticello
  9. • WordPress + JSON API (originally) • Cinder (C++ http://libcinder.org)

    • Drupal 7, Services module, custom modules (refactor) Van Gogh’s Bedrooms
  10. • WordPress + JSON API • RiotJS (http://riotjs.com) • Hybrid—using

    RiotJS as a component Association for Public Art
  11. • Drupal 7 + custom module • Menu hook for

    calendar JSON output • React renders calendar • List, enhanced to monthly view • Blog prototype BRIC
  12. • WP-API Plugin • Advanced Custom Fields Plugin • ACF

    to WP-API Plugin • Better REST API Featured Images Plugin WordPress
  13. • Drupal 7 • Services Module • Services Views (simple

    output) • Custom module for API endpoints (sometimes) • This is all available in Drupal 8 core! Drupal
  14. • Touch, multi-screen: Cinder • Touch, single-screen: AngularJS • Web

    hybrids: AngularJS, RiotJS, React • Prototypes: Unity, AngularJS, React Front-end
  15. • Boredom vs Value • Giant Steps vs Incremental Progress

    • Don’t go looking for trouble Solve Your Problem
  16. • Problems are often upstream from visual design and code

    • Orbital Content (http://alistapart. com/article/orbital-content) • Content Everywhere by Sara Wachter-Boettcher Invest in Content Strategy
  17. • Use what you have • Prototype—manage your risk •

    Prototype != final production build • Familiar tools lower technical debt, ease client acceptance • You can probably already do this with your team What’s on Hand?