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Designing Creative Teams

Chloe Heath
September 14, 2016

Designing Creative Teams

Chloe Heath

September 14, 2016

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    UP Chloe Heath Managing Director
 UX Cambridge on Wednesday 14 September 2016 MODERN HUMAN
  2. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN Imagine what’s next. Modern Human is

    a design practice and innovation consultancy that specialises in imagining disruptive new products, services and experiences and then making them a reality. http://modernhuman.design @modhuman
  3. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman Inherent Acquired Inherent Diversity Ethnicity, Gender,

    Age, Sexual Orientation, 
 …things you can’t change Acquired Diversity The countries you’ve lived, the places you’ve travelled, the industries you’ve worked in, the way you see the world, the projects you’ve been involved in, the languages you speak, experience
  4. MODERN HUMAN Verschlimmbessern (fɛɐˈʃlɪmbɛsɐn) [German]: To accidentally make something worse

    in the process of attempting to mend or improve it. Multiple applications around computers, cake-baking and relationships. http://modernhuman.design @modhuman

    SALES REVENUE 1% INCREASE 3% INCREASE 1% INCREASE 9% INCREASE Does Diversity Pay? Cedric Herring, American Sociological Review (2009).
  6. MODERN HUMAN How might we harness people who don’t consider

    themselves creative and enable them to think creatively? http://modernhuman.design @modhuman
  7. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman Image Credit: TED Unlocking

    the power of introverts Adapted from: Susan Cain: The power of introverts, TED. https://www.ted.com/talks/susan_cain_the_power_of_introverts
  8. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman 70 BREAST CARE TEAMS Magnitude Radicalness

    Impact Novelty 95 PRIMARY HEALTHCARE TEAMS Vision Participation safety Task orientation Interaction frequency MEASURES OF INNOVATION HIGH QUALITY PROCESS Getting the most out of multidisciplinary teams: A multi- sample study of team innovation in health care Doris Fay et al, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (2006)
  9. MODERN HUMAN Use ethnography to maximise acquired diversity _ Shadowing

    _ Expert interviews _ Direct experience _ Analogous experiences _ Guided tours
  10. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman Quantity of ideas people come up

    with in a brainstorm Quantity of ideas people come up when working alone x2 Does Group Participation When Using Brainstorming Facilitate or Inhibit Creative Thinking? 
 Taylor, Berry & Block, Administrative Science Quarterly (1958)
  11. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman The "Rules" of Brainstorming: An Impediment

    to Creativity?
 Feinberg, Nemeth, IRLE Working Paper No. 167-08 (2008). Using traditional brainstorming When encouraged to discuss and critique each others ideas +20%
  12. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab How might we? At Modern

    Human, we have found that the best way to move from our research findings into imagining solutions is by turning our insights into questions.
  13. MODERN HUMAN 6-8-5 The 6-8-5 ideation method enables teams to

    rapidly generate lots of ideas in a very short period of time.
  14. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman Measure & Evaluate Having a plan

    for what to measure can really help you to effectively track the impact of your product or service. Depending on the nature of your product or service, you may need to track things like culture change or the influence your product is having on customers’ behaviour. These are naturally more difficult to measure.
  15. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman Iterate to launch Continue to iterate

    on your product or service throughout Invent mode. Each iteration should test a potential improvement and prepare your product or service to be used in real life by real people.
  16. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman The harder the problem,

    the more effective a diverse team at solving it. Image Credit: Narissa Escanlar, Mountain Sky, MT 2008
  17. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman _ Ask applicants to complete a

    work-based challenge then look for how they think. _ Design interview questions that reveal how people think and work within a team. _ Practice 360º hiring. Use a hiring process that seeks out acquired diversity HIRING
  18. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman _ 360º hiring involves everyone in

    hiring a candidate. _ Candidates are asked to participate in a range of interviews and exercises with different sets of people. _ The different activities and perspectives allow the candidate to show different facets of their skills, experience and character. _ The process empowers team members, creates of culture of ownership and enables successful candidates to be effective within the team, faster. 360º hiring goes far beyond the traditional interview process HIRING
  19. MODERN HUMAN _ Design the team to be effective as

    quickly as possible. _ Tuckman's stages of group development (1965) says that a group will go through the stages of forming, storming, norming, performing phases are all necessary and inevitable. _ ‘Norming’ results in teams that are too agreeable and hold back from being candid or sharing controversial ideas. _ Design in tension into the team so you see opposing views but not at the cost of participation safety. http://modernhuman.design @modhuman Design healthy tensions into the team dynamic CONSTRUCTING A TEAM
  20. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.design @modhuman “You can discover more

    about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” — Plato: Greek philosopher, mathematician & student of Socrates
  21. MODERN HUMAN Establish the brief It is important to establish

    the right brief before you start any human- centred design project. The brief should be challenging, interesting and valuable.
  22. MODERN HUMAN _ Spot the opportunities to give the team

    relevant experiences through design research. _ Suggest activities that help everyone learn about each other in the widest sense. _ Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes; encourage the project team to shadow you, or do a role swap with someone else in the team. http://modernhuman.design @modhuman Take ownership of the team dynamic. You can create a good team from within. PART OF A TEAM
  23. MODERN HUMAN _ Diversity takes more forms than you think.

    Watch out for it _ Use both forms of diversity to your advantage and create diverse, multi- disciplinary teams _ Unlock creativity by getting to know your project team _ Tailor your project activities to suit the characters within your team _ Set a common goal for a project _ Don’t be afraid to set a hard problem because a diverse team will do better. http://modernhuman.design @modhuman In summary