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How to Build a Mobile Growth Engine

A8831bf1ab5ed39a72e17fdaa8d00682?s=47 Morgan Brown
February 18, 2015

How to Build a Mobile Growth Engine

Slides from my talk at the Branch Metrics Mobile Growth Hacking meetup at Declara.


Morgan Brown

February 18, 2015


  1. @morganb 1 Building a Mobile Growth Engine February 18,

  2. @morganb 2 Growth is Everything

  3. @morganb 3 Growth Is Everything Gabriel Weinberg –

    “Most startups don’t fail at building a product. They fail at acquiring customers.”
  4. @morganb 4 Growth Is Everything McKinsey & Co. studied

    3,000 software companies with different growth rates High-growth companies deliver 5x greater returns than medium growth companies Supergrowers (CAGR > 60% at $100m mark) were 8x more likely to reach $1B Increase in growth rates drive 2x the market capitalization as margin reduction in companies < $4B No correlation between cost & growth rates
  5. @morganb 5 About Me •15 year startup growth veteran

    •Wrote Startup Growth Engines with Sean Ellis •My hobby is studying fast growing companies
  6. @morganb 6

  7. @morganb 7 The Startup Pyramid Great product is the

    table stakes for growth Product/market fit determines your opportunity Don’t try to scale until you have solid retention metrics and/or qualitative feedback Product/Market Fit Stack the Odds Grow Source: Sean Ellis
  8. @morganb 8 @stuartkhall •Maker of 7 Minute Workout •2.3

    million downloads •$72k in profit
  9. @morganb 9 Get the Model Right Penny Gap is

    even greater in mobile Top downloaded apps are all free with in-app purchases (except for Minecraft) Stuart Hall’s 7 Minute Workout saw a 3x revenue bump going from paid to IAP
  10. @morganb 10 Growth is a Process ideas prioritize test

    analyze optimize
  11. @morganb 11 Cadence = Growth

  12. @morganb 12 Ideas watch your users Path found a

    50x increase in DAU simply by watching the behavior of their users in the app and then opening up the app to other services. get the team involved Growth is a team sport. Don’t try to figure out growth on your own. Growth is inclusive. Get everyone onboard and ideating. feedback User feedback can be critical to finding the next ideas for your application. Read reviews, survey via email, do lots of customer development. find your magic number Understand what actions turn users into long-term retained and profitable users. Drive new users toward those behaviors.
  13. @morganb 13 Ideas Ideate across all aspects of funnel:

    AARRR Get full team involved in “unbridled ideation” Create hypothesis behind the idea Keep full pipeline — ideas are fuel for growth
  14. @morganb 14 Prioritize impact. confidence. ease.

  15. @morganb 15 Test Constantly Brian Balfour – 

    The Sidekick growth team has run 1015 experiments since June 2014 and our experiment throughput is accelerating. Each experiment produces learnings
  16. @morganb 16 Analyze Discover the why can lead to

    breakthroughs in growth HotelTonight found poor data connections drove conversion rates UP. WHY?
  17. @morganb 17 Optimize Find the Golden Motion / Magic

    Number Optimize experience to get users to those milestones Continually back test to ensure assumptions hold
  18. @morganb 18 Learning Drives Growth Tamara Steffans –

    “Our whole team understands what app store optimization is, what the right keywords are, what has worked for us and what hasn’t. No matter what their role, they’re invested in understanding these strategies themselves.”
  19. @morganb 19 Mobile Growth

  20. @morganb 20 Mobile Growth Stack Andy Carvell –

  21. @morganb 21 Organic Mobile Growth Organic Levers ASO Mobile

    SEO Press Partnerships Email Inflection Points Localization Virality
  22. @morganb 22 ASO - How Visible are You Really?

  23. @morganb 23 ASO - Understand the System App

    Name, Keywords, Icon, Screenshots, Updates, Rating Search phrases ≠ keywords Download velocity More: &
  24. @morganb 24 ASO - Driving Positive Reviews Don’t nag

    for reviews - ask at golden moments Run down negative reviews and turn around Use Helpshift / Apptentive to address customer service issues Ask for reviews after great CS experiences
  25. @morganb 25 Mobile SEO Don’t forget mobile web traffic

    Optimize for high-intent searches Test calls to action Lower CPI
  26. @morganb 26 Virality - User Referral Programs Integrate with

    existing sharing behaviors (FB, Twitter, etc.) Create dynamic sharing images Tap the address book Personalize the loop
  27. @morganb 27 Virality - User Referral Programs Test where

    the ‘ask’ occurs Optimize touchpoints Measure everything
  28. @morganb 28 Virality - Net Promoters 28 On a

    scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to refer your friends? 1 Detractors Neutral Promoters 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 0 Promoters Detractors — Total = NPS
  29. @morganb 29 Virality - Net Promoter Score Nilan Peiris

 Transferwise “Every app on your phone has an insanely high NPS.” More:
  30. @morganb 30 Net Promoter Works Both Ways

  31. @morganb 31 Virality - One to Many From one-to-one

    to one-to-many Brand ambassadors can be powerful acquisition source Need to balance acquisition with quality More:
  32. @morganb 32 Inflection Points Be a good ecosystem partner

    Leverage short-term windows for boosts in growth Operating system launches Newsjacking
  33. @morganb 33 Double Down

  34. @morganb 34 Relentless Execution Through Loop ideas prioritize test

    analyze optimize
  35. @morganb 35 Helpful Tools ASO AppAnnie, SenorTower, AppTweak, Helpshit,

    Apptentive, StoreMaven, AppCodes, Virality / Personalization, Yozio Testing Leanplum, Apptimize, Optimizely, TestFlight, Diawi, Analytics, Yozio, Looker, Mixpanel, 
 Google Analytics
  36. @morganb 36 Thank You !

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