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DP Intro-4: FAQ - I still dont have enough time

DP Intro-4: FAQ - I still dont have enough time


  1. DP Intro-4_ FAQ - I still dont have enough time
    Tue, Sep 19, 2023 10:09AM 7:17
    ball, glass, plastic, family, matters, care, tend, efficient, sanity, juggling, easier, emptier, practice, adhd,
    volunteer, extracurricular activity, nora roberts, important, kids, hopper
    Patricia Sung
    Patricia Sung 00:03
    Hey there, Mama, welcome back. This video is covering the question, I still don't have enough
    time. What do I cut? Am I trying to do too much? Am I not being efficient? Like, what's the
    problem here? My answer is probably both. As you sort out your day and your calendar and
    your routines and all and you build in the habits and make everything run more efficiently, yes,
    you will have more time because you were doing those things in a more like in a more efficient
    way is going to be faster. And that will get easier. But also like, Mom plates are really full.
    There's never a shortage of stuff for us to do for our families. And there's always another
    volunteer opportunity, there's always another extracurricular activity to do. And there will come
    a point where it's just too much, and you do need to cut things out. Every time we say yes to
    something, it means we're saying no to something else, and understanding what's important to
    us and what our values are. And what truly matters to me and to our family as a whole allows
    us to understand better what we should be saying yes and no to because we're guiding it by
    our value system.
    Patricia Sung 01:26
    For some people, maybe taking on an extra extracurricular activity is really important for them,
    because that's where their values lie. But if that's not where your values lie, and then using
    that time for something else might be so much more valuable, and you would get so much
    more out of it. So that depends on you. And as you get to know yourself. And as you get to
    know your ADHD and you start to see like the pieces fall into place, you'll be able to better
    gauge what are the things that are more important to you. So that does get easier. But it is, it
    is true. Whenever we say yes to one thing, we're saying no to something else. I I absolutely
    love this analogy from Nora Roberts. And you can you can Google that that article. You know,
    we're juggling all these things, and they all the balls in the air. And a lot of times we think
    there's like one wall for kids and one wall for work and one ball for family and one ball for
    friends and one wall for our own well being. And we're we're just trying to keep them all up in
    the air all the time. But it's not just one ball per person, it's or one ball per responsibility. Within
    each category. There's multiple walls. So you know, being at your son's soccer practices of all,
    being at the next game is a ball, doing the laundry is a ball. And you're you're juggling all these

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  2. things. And she said the key is to know which of those balls are plastic and which are glass,
    because when you drop the glass ones They shatter. But when you drop the plastic ones, they
    bounce, and you can pick them up later.
    Patricia Sung 03:01
    So understanding your value system, and what really matters to you. And what matters to your
    family will allow you to say maybe being at that practice doesn't matter, maybe I can let that
    go and figure out a carpool situation where I'm at every other practice. And a friend of mine is,
    you know, taking the kids at the other practice and that will free up a ball. But knowing you
    know, but that the championship game, that's of all that for some kids will be glass and for
    some kids will be plastic. And we have so much overload and so much sensory input that a lot
    of times it's hard for us to tell in the moment, which of them are plastic and which of them are
    glass. So we have to do that kind of stepping back and taking time to be like, Okay, what are
    the things that truly matter? To me, because we do tend to be people pleasers, we do tend to
    say yes, more than we should. And I want you to feel confident enough that as you start to get
    to know yourself that you will know, what are the things that are plastic and what's your glass
    and where you can let things go? And what are the things that we need to hold on to?
    Patricia Sung 04:18
    So to answer the answer, the question is both things will get a lot easier as you get more
    efficient with them and you have a system. But obviously things still take a certain amount of
    time and they're going to take us longer than other people, even when we're super efficient
    with them. We still tend to move at a slower pace and we need more time to get things done.
    And that may mean that your plate needs to be a little emptier than other moms, and that's
    okay. It's okay for you to say we can only do one extracurricular activity at a time or, you know,
    I can't do those extra volunteer projects at school. I can do one per school year. That's the limit
    for my sanity, and that's okay. And know that your mental well being into your health and
    you're taking care of yourself is a glass ball. That we often wait until it is this far from the
    ground before tossing it back up again. But when it hits the ground, and you are the shattered
    glass ball, then you are taking care of no one.
    Patricia Sung 05:33
    So I want you to prioritize yourself and know that you are worthy of that, that you deserve, that
    you you deserve to be taken care of, as well. And when you say you know, I'm doing these
    things for my family, you are part of the family. And so if you are not being taken care of you
    are not taking care of your family. So you are worthy of that space. And that time and that
    money that goes into you didn't realize I was gonna get emotional on this video. So yeah, you
    are important and you are valuable, and you are a glass ball. So please treat yourself
    accordingly. So find those ways that you're taking care of yourself, and asking for help and
    learning about who you are. And what's important to you. And being in this class is one of those
    things knowing that your sanity and taking this time for you matters, it's important. And in
    seseri. So we will never have enough time to get all the things done because there are a million
    possibilities in this world. Our brains are wired for interest and we're always going to find this
    cool, new shiny thing. That's going to be awesome. And we're going to dive into it. And then

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  3. we're going to realize we found another new shiny thing and that's okay. You are allowed to be
    a hobby Hopper or you know, switching careers like that is that is okay. And that's how your
    brain works. But do take care of yourself in the process because you are important. So that is
    that video, and I'm going to stop before I get to Jerry. Okay. Talk to you soon.

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