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DP 5-2 Phase 2

DP 5-2 Phase 2


  1. Module 5 - Phase 2 of 3_ get started Wed,

    Apr 27, 2022 9:47AM 4:13 SUMMARY KEYWORDS calendar, work, write, assess, phase, separate, colonoscopy, storytime, combine, minute, sense, address, appointments, skim, employing, meshed, schedules, separation, remind, talk SPEAKERS Patricia Sung Patricia Sung 00:00 Hey there success amama we are on module five, and phase two. So we just talked about starting up setting the calendar, whether setting up your calendar, whether you picked paper or digital. Patricia Sung 00:16 Now we're going to assess what you have. What are you doing right now? Before I touch on that, just as a side note, a lot of people ask about like work and calendar and personal calendar, if you are working, do you keep them together separate? Either one is okay. What I would ask is, are you clearly separating work and home life, then you would want to have two separate counters that make more sense. If you are not, then I would combine them together. Patricia Sung 00:44 So as an example, when I was teaching, very clear separation, my job was at the school, when I'm home, I'm home. Right, it was granny grading papers, but it wasn't any appointments that I was going to add home, outside of school hours. So it's a very clear separation. And so I had a separate work calendar and a separate home calendar. Whereas now I work from home, and working in like the mom cracks. And so everything's mixed together. And it's a lot more in meshed. So I keep everything in the same calendar, I just color code them separately. That's what works for me. But again, it's whatever makes sense for you. If having two separate things to keep up with sounds terrible, don't do it. But together, if trying to combine those feels uncomfortable, keep them separate, either one is fine, it matters more what fits your brain and what's going to make sense for you. Patricia Sung 01:33 Okay, so in assessing what you have, you are going to gather up. Right now it's like kind of like
  2. your research phase, if you will, I want you to

    gather up all the calendars that are involved in your life, school calendars, daycare calendars, any kind of extracurricular activities, sports storytime, at the library, family events, any schedules that you are keeping up with, I want you to pull them all together so that you have them in one place as we do the next step, because you'll need those all in phase three as well. So we're going to pull all that together. And then we're going to remind ourselves, phase or sorry, step one of our process is writing everything down. So you're gonna keep this next to you as you take a look at your calendars. This is all the questions we're asking ourselves as we get ready. Patricia Sung 02:26 And what I want you to do is for your activity is look at your calendar for the next week to two weeks. And think about do you do these things that are on the previous slide? All those questions? Are you writing down? The Who, what, when, where, how items? What are the things that you don't write down? What are the things that are missing? Look for patterns and things that you both do well, and the things that you don't write down. Patricia Sung 02:54 And then I want you to jot down those patterns that will help you assess like, Okay, I'm really great at writing down my work things, but I'm not so great at write down my personal things, that's fabulous, because that tells me you already have those skills, you're employing them at work. So we can just take those and apply them in your personal stuff. Or, Hey, I'm really really good at writing down my appointments, but I forgot to write down the addresses. Well, that's great for anything that you know, don't automatically just know how to get to, you got a little mental note of Alright, I need to make sure that I'm putting down the address for that hospital that I've never been to for my colonoscopy, what have you. Patricia Sung 03:30 So this is a pretty I would say probably five, maybe 15 minutes, depending on how much hunting you have to do for your stuff. You may be on the larger, longer end of finding all those calendars and then just do a quick skim. That should be like a two minute thing of looking through and being like, what am I what am I doing? What am I doing well, what I want to work on, so that you're prepared for when we go into step three of actually putting everything in, you kind of know Hey, this is where I'm, this is where I want to work on things and give yourself a little pat on the back. Good job for the things that you were doing. Wow. All right. Remind yourself of your why. And I will talk to you in just a minute for phase three.