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Setting up your life to fit you... this isn't the end!

Setting up your life to fit you... this isn't the end!


  1. Setting up your life to fit you... this isn't the end!
    Wed, Sep 20, 2023 8:19PM 3:01
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    Patricia Sung
    Patricia Sung 00:00
    Hey, they're successful Alma, just a reminder to you that as you start to put together your life
    in a way that fits you and you start implementing all these tools that make more sense for you,
    knowing that this doesn't have to be where that ends, you are welcome to continue on and
    work either. With our community, we have a whole community of moms in successful cleanups,
    which you may have already had a taste of, depending on what course here and there are a
    wonderful group that is super supportive. We meet twice every week and get stuff done and
    Hangouts that we have this beautiful, like mashup of accountability and, like community and
    knowing that you're not alone. And there are other people here to support you. There is time
    management mastery that helps you set all the rhythms together for your day. So you can lean
    into how you function, and create the life that makes sense for you. Because you have built
    your life in a way that makes sense on how you work. Like if you ever heard me talk about the
    we're having HDS, like living on the water, being on the beach, living on a boat, you have to do
    things differently. When you live by the water, you need different kinds of materials, you have
    to be more durable. You need to prepare for the seasons, you need to prepare for the weather
    that you don't experience in other places, like we set up our lives in a way that makes sense for
    us. And that's how we really flourish. It's creating that environment that fits us. And also there
    is coaching. So we have small groups that meet and get together and we learn how to do
    emotional regulation, and how do we take care of ourselves? And how do we stay calm? When
    things are really hard? How do we build our lives to fit us. So know that there is so much
    support for you here in the way that fits you and what you need in this season. And you're
    always welcome to come back in the future, too. So if you have any questions, please reach
    out. You can always set up a virtual coffee chat with me where we chat on WhatsApp, and talk
    through like what do you need and what will be the best fit for you. It's like super no pressure,
    like my goal is to help you figure out what you need. And whether that is tomorrow or three
    years from now I will be here. So yeah, just know that it doesn't unhear you are welcome to Get
    Genuine in the community, intercourse in coaching, finding the ways that will allow you to set
    up the life that you want. So that you can be the kind of mom who is calm and present in there
    for your kids so that you can then teach your kids those skills. When we do all this work on
    ourselves and take care of ourselves. It's not a selfish thing. It's not just about us. This is how
    we set up our lives to that everybody's so you're welcome anytime. Reach out, ask questions.
    And I hope to see you soon. Talk to you soon. Success

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