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Morning Routine Step 8 - Input Your Smart Speaker Routine

Morning Routine Step 8 - Input Your Smart Speaker Routine


  1. Morning Routine Step 8 - Input Your Smart Speaker Routine

    Wed, Sep 20, 2023 10:26PM 7:20 SUMMARY KEYWORDS routine, alexa, distracting, add, set, breakfast, downstairs, turned, starts, options, sound, play, morning, wakes, enabled, playful, alarm, irritate, rabbit hole, weather SPEAKERS Patricia Sung Patricia Sung 00:02 Hey, they're successful mama, let's go in and actually work in Alexa and add a new routine. So when you get into your Alexa app, you're gonna click here in the bottom right where it says more, and they'll take you to this screen, just to point out there is right here where there's the alarms and timers, that's where you can set an alarm, I'm going to use that in a second here, we're going to click on routines. And then at the top here, in the upper right corner, there's a plus sign. That's where you're going to hit for a new routine. Patricia Sung 00:31 You can enter the name, I like to start all of my routines on, like, set by a time because then I don't have to remember to start them. But you can, you do have the option to say like, if you say, Alexa, good morning, like it'll start the routine then but I don't have to remember more stuff. So FYI, I just hit them on a timer. Okay, I'm gonna pull you into the two routines and measure you one is waking up. So for my son, his wakeup time is about 615. And this routine runs through in his room, all he does in the morning is he wakes up, he puts on his clothes, and he comes downstairs. So this is a very simple routine, where it starts where we turn on his thought the lamp, it sits on his nightstand. Patricia Sung 01:15 It waits two minutes. And then this is where I like offices, good morning, his alarm goes off, you give some some time to get ready. And then just in case, he gets distracted. It says here, time to go downstairs and then he goes down. That's all he has to do in the morning. So this is a really simple version. Notice that I do have this like playful tiger in front of when it says tough because I like to play a certain sound and that you know, trigger associates like oh, right, and you pay attention. Because if we just say stuff on Alexa, then a lot of times your brain isn't listening. Like we need that like, couple of seconds to catch up. So it could play a certain sound.
  2. And then that way, it triggers us not to be

    like, wait, what's happening? Alright, we listen to this instruction. Now, be aware of that when you go into the rabbit hole here of all the different sounds like there's a million things you can add to your routine. You can make it as creative and as fun as you want. But know that we don't want anything that's going to distract us. And also like, we don't get too far down the rabbit hole that we don't actually finish the routine. So they're warning, there's a lot of creative options. Also, they can be distracting. Patricia Sung 02:27 Alright, let me go into our morning routine here. Oops, there we go. Okay, so one, first want to make sure this top one says enabled, obviously, it will not function, if you don't make sure that it's turned on in the morning. Also, at the very bottom, it'll tell you what Speaker It's on. So if you have more than one Alexa, make sure it's playing in the area that you want. In this case, this author was raped by like by or like living room, family room, kitchen area. So alright, so it starts, you'll see a 630 year and my son's alarm goes off at 615. So it gives them that 15 minutes to be dressed and downstairs and start eating. Before I start the reminders about please eat your breakfast. So you'll see that I make sure the volume is set to something audible that we can hear in case someone else was playing with it the day before we play our specific noise. So the time is, and this is where we're starting the countdown of breakfast, like okay, you have 10 minutes left off, we're gonna like you have 10 minutes left to finish your breakfast. Patricia Sung 03:36 And then we report the weather for us we walk to school, so the water matters, I'll wait some time ordering the academy or you have six minutes to finish breakfast, you have one minute left to finish breakfast all the way until we get to the first time. So we're reminded, hey, you're determined. And then this is where we start moving into the different pieces. So like now it's time to brush your teeth and comb your hair. And then you have plenty of time to go do that because we're walking away from that area in order to do that. And then several reminders of Okay, now that you're back, hey, it's time to put your shoes on. And we'll give a little bit of time and then I specifically name all the things that we need before we walk out the door to have your backpack and your snack and your water bottle. And it's funny because he actually talks about you like yes, I have all messed up. Because he's just used to harass me lots of questions. Patricia Sung 04:41 Then I give several reminders here of like it's time to leave. It's time to go. We want to be on time. Know that the way that it's worded does affect our kids. So you want to be aware of the word choice you're using, avoiding things that will irritate them. and you know your kids and their personalities for what kind of things are going to encourage them to move forward or irritate them and then they don't want to move forward anymore. Let me go back to here. So to add anything in, you're going to you'll have a template to start with. But here on this blue plus sign is where you'll add an action. And these are the ones that I add that I use the most. Patricia Sung 05:30 One is the smart home and turning on and off lights, I like to use that for getting up easier.
  3. One is the smart home and turning on and off

    lights, I like to use that for getting up easier. Alexa says there's all kinds of stuff in here where like I said, some can become distractions, I tend to use the customized one the most, but there are plenty of options in here to choose from. I do like to announce the time frequently so that it helps us stay on time. Let's see device settings, making sure that we have the volume turned up so that we can hear things and then let's see what else to do. There's a lot of skills that you can add in, keep in mind that again, this is something that can make a lot of fun, it also can be distracting. Patricia Sung 06:17 Same thing with the sounds. If we you know if you have younger kids, the animals are great, you may want to pick something different obviously if you have bigger kids, and this is also the these are the ways that you can make it interesting is changing the sound and changing the music moving things around. To make it not the same boring thing every single day. Okay, traffic might be useful for you, if you're driving, I use the weight a lot and the weather as well. So this is the basics of how to set up your routine. So make sure that it is enabled, that it's starting in a way that's easiest for you for me, it's just to set on time, all the actions that are in through and make sure that it is on the correct speaker so that you can get your on your way and out the door as quickly as possible. Good luck successful I'm gonna see in the next video