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What's next after you finish Daily Planning | Discount code inside!

What's next after you finish Daily Planning | Discount code inside!

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    Wed, 4/27 10:05AM 2:35
    discount code, mastery, stressed, daily, routines, management, feel, ripples, rhythms, teens, nagging,
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    Patricia Sung
    Patricia Sung 00:00
    Hey there, Mama, congratulations, you are at the end. And I know you're gonna like what next
    what I do know it good news to have an answer. When you have completed daily planning and
    you feel like you're getting the steps in order, it is time to move to the next step, which is Time
    Management Mastery for ADHD Moms.
    Patricia Sung 00:18
    Now, for this course, as a thank you to you, I will give you a discount code because I so
    appreciate you sticking with me and supporting me. And I want you to have what you need to
    be successful. So the course will be right here. And if you're not familiar with Time Management
    Mastery, it is an 11 week program where we work together in creating the schedule and the
    daily rhythms and routines that make sense for your life.
    Patricia Sung 00:43
    So we consider how old your kids are and what you need, and we start where you are. And then
    we build from there. It is a beautiful thing to watch, you all figure out how to set up your day so
    that you are less stressed that you have time for more joy that you can sit on the floor and play
    with your kids and not be like running around like a crazy woman because you forgot to plan
    dinner and you're not nagging your teens about what they didn't do, you have time to really
    connect with them and listen to the words coming out of their mouth when they come home
    from school or, you know, after homework, shenanigans and all of that, I want you to have that
    time to feel like you have the capacity to have those conversations with your family with your
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  2. Patricia Sung 01:36
    And through all that understanding who you are, and how your brain works makes you a
    happier person. And that's how it ripples out to to our families because that makes everyone's
    relationship with us less stressed because we are less stressed we are more confident in our
    decisions because we know that we are making them out of our strengths we are making them
    in out of a proactive place instead of a reactive place.
    Patricia Sung 02:01
    So I want this for you. So you can sign up for time management mastery right now. The Link
    Below And the discount code for you as a student please don't give to other people. It's only for
    you You're special. Okay, don't go aren't giving this to people. The student discount code is
    there. And you know, actually, if you want to share with a friend, I'll give you a different code
    for that. So you can still share with friends, okay, we want to spread the love. And when they
    join, they will also get the student discount code. So it's right here below. I can't wait to see you
    in there and talk to you soon.

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