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9-3 Creating your To-do List system

9-3 Creating your To-do List system

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  1. Module 0: creating your to do list system
    Sun, 5/1 8:45PM 5:01
    calendar, dump, thought, urgent, designated, write, eisenhower, note, put, dumping, homescreen,
    matrix, system, set, category, check, overwhelmed, chose, tomorrow, important
    Patricia Sung
    Patricia Sung 00:01
    All right. So we are dealing with the Eisenhower matrix. So we went through the things that we
    start here with things that are urgent and important, then we go to the things that are not
    urgent, but still important. And we schedule those, then we go to this category here of things
    that are urgent, but not important and figure out like, do I really need to do this thing, or I can
    just cut that up. And then things that are not urgent and not important. This is the point where
    like, Okay, can I eliminate this? Does this really need to get done? Because when we say yes to
    something, that means we're saying no to something else?
    Patricia Sung 00:33
    So this is the time to be like, Is this something I really have to do? Because as moms, there is
    going to be a lot of stuff that we have to say no to, we just can't do all the things and keep all
    the people alive and keep our sanity, it's not impossible. So these are the things that like, if
    something's gonna get cut, it's coming from this box here.
    Patricia Sung 00:50
    Okay, what I want you to do, is have a designated place where you're going to dump these
    thoughts on a regular basis, obviously, like, we can do this exercise right now in the class, but
    all day long, you're gonna be thinking of like, oh, I need to remember this. Well, I can't forget to
    do this. Where are you going to put those things they need a home so that you can get them
    done? In your in your check in time of actually sitting down, man, okay, when is this going to
    get done? How to what like, making sure it actually happens? You're this dumping of all your
    thoughts like this is a temporary list, it should not live there forever. This is something that, you
    know, you're you're making the list. But that's what the purpose of is, when you do your check
    ins like these are the things you should be doing then is figuring out like, when is this actually
    going to happen.

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  2. Patricia Sung 01:44
    So, for this system, it should be whatever is like the first thing you're going to go to, that's
    where you should be writing these things down. Because when we have a thought, it will
    disappear really quickly. So what's the fastest way for you to get that thought on paper or on
    your phone, that's what you need to do. So you know, have just a set note on your phone that
    like always lives in the homescreen. There's like, every phone comes with a free note app, I like
    the Google one. Because keep it'll set a reminder. And it'll remind me like if my check in time
    is, you know, 730 each night, I can set a reminder to pop up at 730. Or if you you know if you're
    working, you can set it as a location reminder, when you get home, it'll pop up and then be like,
    oh, yeah, I got to do that.
    Patricia Sung 02:29
    Maybe you have posts around your house, students scribble things on posted, and then just
    stick the post it on your planner, you can write them on a list on a piece of paper. What I what I
    do when I know my system is broken, I will write them in my calendar. And that's how I end up
    with the hot mess of 15 things on the calendar. The only way that that is okay. In my opinion,
    granted, I chose you to do what works for you. But I will put them in one event. So that in that
    situated out like whatever my check in time is and that I will dump them all in the calendar
    there because my go to is I will open up the calendar and put it on my calendar because I'm
    like, Oh, I can't forget to do this later. And so I put it on the calendar later. Which means I have
    a bunch of crap on my calendar.
    Patricia Sung 03:17
    So that's okay, if I put the note in the check in time. So I go like where if I have written down
    like 730 is my check in time I go to the check in time and like write it in that thing, like don't
    make 400 notes. Have one note and have all the 400 things written in that one event on your
    calendar. Otherwise, do not put them on your calendar to two different systems. Okay. And
    then your goal here is for the system to be set so that you know, here's where I'm going to put
    it. And here's what the designated time we're going to circle back to it.
    Patricia Sung 03:56
    Obviously, if you can in the moment, like yeah, go put it where it needs to go. But that's not
    usually how mom life works, right? So you want to have your system of here's where I'm
    dumping on things. And here's where I'm circling back to get it taken care of and organized. So
    your activity is to try the Eisenhower matrix, dump out all the things that are floating around
    your head, overwhelming you right now sort them into the four categories.
    Patricia Sung 04:24
    And then when you're looking at tomorrow, you're going to pick three things to do tomorrow.
    Only three because when we do more than that we just get overwhelmed and then we feel bad
    that we didn't do all 33 things that we that we're gonna do tomorrow, just choose three, you

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  3. can always go back and do more things if you have extra time. There's nothing stopping you
    from doing that. But the three things is a level that we can be successful at. So you know where
    to find me, shoot me an email if you have questions. And yeah, that's a little note on To Do List.

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