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Ansible is an open source, model driven, configuration management, deployment, and ad-hoc task execution framework for managing Linux/Unix operating systems. http://ansible.github.com/


Michael DeHaan

March 31, 2012


  1. ANSIBLE Radically Simple Configuration & Deployment Michael DeHaan


  3. but first a little bit about me...

  4. None
  5. • IBM (Storage) • Motorola (Server/Embedded Stuff) • Red Hat

    (Cobbler, 1/3 of Func, Cloud...) • Puppet Labs (Product Mgmt) • rPath (API, Cloud...) • shot all photos in this presentation :) michaeldehaan.net
  6. So...

  7. In the Beginning There Was The Command Line

  8. And Everybody Wrote Shell Scripts

  9. None
  10. This Was A Lot Of Work

  11. ...It Got Better...

  12. CFEngine

  13. None
  14. None
  15. ...Then It Got (More) Better...

  16. Puppet

  17. Strong Resources Support

  18. ...But Too Complex Of A Language...

  19. Chef

  20. Uses Ruby To Replace Puppet Language

  21. Polarizing, not everyone likes Ruby

  22. Both Are Very “Configuration Focused”

  23. None
  24. And also can be a pain to write “code” for

    and test
  25. Hard to tell what the scripts you write are actually

    going to do...
  26. None
  27. and Configuration is NOT All You Need To Do

  28. What About...

  29. “Do This Now, Just Once, Fast!”

  30. None
  31. Initially, SSH Loops

  32. Predates All of the Above

  33. None
  34. then pssh, etc

  35. None
  36. But these weren’t API oriented enough for some of us

  37. Enter Func (I wrote part of this)

  38. None
  39. and numerous clones

  40. (These Are Cool Because You Can Build Applications On Top

    Of Them)
  41. But sometimes bad because they undo the work of the

    config system.
  42. WAIT!

  43. We Also Need To Push Software Releases!!!

  44. None
  45. Various Attempts...

  46. Typically Liked By Webapp Developers

  47. Disliked By Sysadmins

  48. (Disregard for packaging, don’t track deps, tools can undo work

    of other tools)
  49. Capistrano

  50. Fabric

  51. Still Complicated...

  52. Very specialized

  53. And Multi-Tier Deployment?

  54. Various Attempts, None Very Good

  55. None
  56. Fragile. Didn’t Learn Lessons from Config Tools.


  58. None
  59. We (Apparently) Need Three Different Classes of Solutions:

  60. (1) Configure (2) Deploy (3) Ad-Hoc Tasks

  61. As A Result, We Are Chained To Multiple Automation Systems

  62. None
  63. This Makes No Sense

  64. None
  65. Any Way Out?

  66. None
  67. DevOps tools have become painful to use

  68. None
  69. Knowing The Obscure Idioms To Do X & Y May

    Initially Seem Fun
  70. Because It’s Like Programming, Which Is (Sometimes) Fun

  71. But It’s Slow To Implement

  72. None
  73. And It’s Only Fun Until Someone Gets Hurt

  74. None

  76. None
  77. Why Do I Need Software Tests for My Infrastructure?

  78. I have other things to do than support this mess.

  79. None

  81. We Are Drowning In Complexity

  82. None
  83. I want one tool to manage all the things.

  84. Automation should not require programming experience.

  85. I Shouldn’t Be Chained Down By Tools That Are Hard

    To Learn, Use, & Debug
  86. None
  87. Automate in English.

  88. None
  89. Lock And Load

  90. None
  91. It Can Still Be Fun.

  92. None
  93. Simpler Tools Mean Easier Collaboration

  94. None
  95. Configuration, Deployment, Ad-Hoc Tasks -- All in One Tool

  96. None
  97. Idempotent Resources (yeah, we still like those)

  98. Multi-tier Deployment Designed For Large Web Installations.

  99. POWER.

  100. None
  101. FAME. MONEY.

  102. None
  103. Ok, we can’t promise that, but we can promise...

  104. 1/60 the amount of source code of related config tools

  105. No servers or databases to set up and maintain

  106. No daemons to fall over

  107. Extensiblity in ANY programming/scripting language

  108. Get going in MINUTES

  109. A Really Powerful API

  110. None
  111. A Minimal, Easy To Use Config Language

  112. None
  113. Ad Hoc Task Support

  114. ansible clusterXYZ -a “/ sbin/reboot -t now”

  115. More Time For Stuff That Matters

  116. A Simpler Path

  117. None
  118. Results.

  119. ansible.github.com