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Open Source Startup Lessons

Open Source Startup Lessons

Lessons and thoughts on software startups, and startups in general, for those that may be about to start one. A presentation for the NCSU Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization.

Michael DeHaan

March 14, 2016

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  1. Lessons Learned from Ansible Open Source Startups & Other Topics

    Presentation to NCSU Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization, 3/2015 Michael DeHaan
  2. Avoid MVP. Have expertise and know (and talk to) your

    audience before you build something.
  3. Running a Startup is more possible - But Infinitely More

    Work - Than It Looks. Be Sure You Want It
  4. Quote on starting my company from someone who started their

    own very successful company: “Congratulations! It’s horrible!”
  5. Even if it’s not, it always feels like the wheels

    are coming off - to all of us. Find someone you can talk to and be sure to take some time off occasionally.